10 months old.

June 15, 2016

Dear Hudson,

Ten months old! We are in double digits, buddy…and it happened in the blink of an eye. IMG_1907Man.. you have had quite the adventurous month, I don’t even know where to begin!

How about with food? Your favorite thing to do is eat. Now that you have 2 sweet, little teeth (with some more about to pop through your gums!), you eat solids with us at almost every meal. We haven’t found anything you don’t like. I love that you’re an adventurous eater!IMG_0531On the topic of eating…we’re still going strong with the nursing! You nurse about 4-5 times per day. I still pump before I go to bed in order to 1) store some milk for you to drink after you wean and 2) so that I keep my supply up through the night and have lots of milk for you when you wake up. You can definitely go longer without nursing, thanks to all those solids you are eating. Pretty soon (as in sometime this upcoming month), I can see us dropping another nursing session…I’m still not sure how I feel about all this. I can’t believe how sad it makes me feel to know that our nursing days are numbered. If you had asked me 9 months ago, I would have jumped up and down in delight at the thought of nursing coming to a close (it’s ALL you do with a newborn so the thought of having a life outside of nursing sounded exciting!), but now, I’m more and more sentimental about it. I cherish the time I get to sit still, in the quiet, and nurse my growing, busy boy. 

Let’s talk about your growth. You are getting so, so big. Last month, at your 9 month appointment, we were eager to learn your stats. You were 21.5 pounds and slightly over 30 inches tall. A healthy, strong little man…who just keeps on growing! IMG_3592IMG_2236You’re HIGHLY mobile now! You do a funny 3-legged crawl and scoot, sitting up, on your butt. Both modes of movement are really funny to see…but you’re all business. When you see something you want or are interested in, you get there– quickly! 

You are also pulling up to stand on everything… it’s only a matter of time before you take some steps!IMG_4709You wave, clap, give high fives, and do this funny swatting gesture when you don’t like something.

Your sleep is still good. On good nights, you sleep from 8:30pm-7am without a peep. Now that you’re in the midst of teething, we have some not-so-good nights mixed in, too. Those nights usually involve you waking up around 2am, moaning in pain. We snuggle and rock and you are good about going back to sleep. Then you will wake up again around 5am moaning and crying. We nurse a little and snuggle a lot. From this time until I have to wake up for the day, you’re back and forth with waking up and sleeping. (I have had some really tired days lately…I do not miss the days of living on 4 hours of sleep…) IMG_2442IMG_1158You have been making some fun new noises and sounds lately. You shriek, happy or sad, and it is loud. Your laugh.. OH.. YOUR LAUGH. It’s my FAVORITE! You have this snickering giggle and it’s absolutely hilarious. You laugh the hardest when we tickle you under your arms while kissing your neck. Your belly is also super ticklish. You love to jabber. You say “mamamama” most often! 🙂 You also say “babababa” and “dadadada” and you say a bunch of gibberish with hand motions and changes of facial expression…as if you’re having a conversation. You also blow wet, slobbery raspberries at everyone, all day, everyday.IMG_7861You love chasing the Roomba around the houses, pulling things out of cabinets and drawers, opening and closing doors (a million times!), moving our counter stools across the floor, unplugging cords, getting blown with the leaf blower, splashing all the water out of the bathtub, dumping water out of water bottles, playing with barbells at the gym, and wrestling with Dad. You are so joyful and happy. Although it’s hard to get a smile out of you for pictures, you’re always shrieking and laughing in your daily life. IMG_7938IMG_5354IMG_4496It’s hard to believe there are only two more months before your first birthday. It’s so true what they say.. the days are long, but the years are short. I remind myself, daily, to soak up every single second with you, because you are going to be old and grown before I know it. For now, stay little.. and keep loving life. I’m so happy I get to witness it all and help you along the way. You’re the very best, Huddy Buddy.IMG_0996Love you, Love you, Love you!



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