10 Things About Life Lately

October 25, 2016

Wow…this past month has FLOWN by! I feel like all I want to do is soak in this time in life. It’s hectic and crazy and there are many days that I question whether I’m doing the right thing about any given situation in my life or whether I will make it another day (Hudson is experimenting with the use of “no” and general disobedience right now– pray for my patience!), but my overarching feeling is that I’ve never been happier.

I love this time in life and finally feel confidant in the every-changing, day-to-day disfunction. Strict schedules, clean counters/floors, leisurely meals, and the ability to get an entire to-do list accomplished has all completely gone out the window– and for the first time in almost 15 months, I’m happily rolling with it! A BIG cheers to that!

  1. MAJOR deal for my life right now!!!! I’ve FINALLY found a workout schedule that fits my wacky mom/trainer life. For the past 3ish weeks, I lift heavy weights and do HIIT twice per week, then, during Hudson’s nap time, I do 20-30 minutes of interval running (sprint/jog combo) twice per week! I’ve lost some weight, kept (and improved!) my strength and still do all the things I love to do, workout-wise, AND it all fits in my schedule! WOOOOO HOOOO!!!! img_2907
  2. We did the pumpkin patch thing. We hung out with my niece, Emma, pet some baby animals, went on a hayride, sat next to a pumpkin for a picture, and sweat our little hearts out at a local farm. It was a good time!img_4459img_0429
  3. I am reading The Girl on the Train. It has been a loooooooooong time since I’ve read a book, totally for fun! So far, so good! img_7241
  4. Hudson keeps trying to use utensils when he eats. I’m never sure what’s normal, developmentally, and I refuse to Google it, so, to me (and him!), this is a fun new thing we do at every meal!
  5. We’re 2 weeks away from our 7 year anniversary! I keep looking at pictures from 7 years ago. We. were. babies.79da4e26-aabf-4b0b-9af9-e8dd4caf5f9a
  6. The charcoal mask from BeautyCounter is incredible. It fixes all of my skin problems every time I use it!! I LOVE IT!!img_0886
  7. I chose to stop coaching clients on Wednesdays. Hudson’s needs are changing so I’m doing my best to keep up. For now, that means he gets a whole day of my undivided attention. We have a ball doing everything that comes along!Beautiful weather and silly boys! #hudson #asher #bff #kiddos
  8. Mark and I are LOVING our ButcherBox subscription. Grass-fed meat (poultry, pork, beef, etc) shipped in a nifty cooler, right to your door every month! We try to buy in bulk when we can, and after comparing product quality, price, and time spent planning, preparing, shopping, etc, ButcherBox wins hand’s down. (They are not involved with my blog in any way! I just want everyone to know about them!)
  9. I’m about 2 weeks away from turning 30???!!! When did that happen!?? Everyone keeps telling me, though, that your 30s are the best years yet! (Last year-see pictures below!, I had a 3 month old, Mark was in New York City, and I was nursing so often that I had to call an early night when out to dinner with my friends because I was so engorged with milk– this year will certainly be more fun!) f2e7a305-183c-4d6c-9659-a9c503d13fbefullsizerender-7
  10. I really really really want to play this “Watch Ya Mouth” game. It looks hilarious and I can just imagine a girl’s night spent playing this….Check out this YouTube video..


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