11 months old.

July 15, 2016


Writing out “11” kind of brought tears to my eyes. You are just one teeny, tiny, short month away from being a one year old. What??? How?!!IMG_1658IMG_1300I always see a pattern when I sit down to write these letters. I notice that each month ends up being more fun than the last, and this past month has been no different. Your dad and I absolutely adore you and we are having the time of our lives watching you learn and grow.

I have so much to share about this past month! Forgive me if it’s all over the place—that’s kind of how we operate these days. One big, jumbled mess, always all over the place. <<I’m learning that this is my new normal (for now!).

Can we start out with talking about food? Food is your favorite. You love, love, love to eat!  You only have your bottom 2 little teeth and your top 2 teeth, but that doesn’t stop you from eating anything you can. You have tried lots of new things, including pulled pork, peaches, seared tuna, mango, a breastmilk/spinach/blueberry smoothie, zucchini , baked beans, cantaloupe, and arugula. You loved it all. Yogurt, cheese, and ground beef are still your favorite things though!IMG_1594

You basically eat whatever we eat, but you are still nursing 4 times per day; you’re on a really set schedule with it though: 6:30am/12:30pm/4:30pm/8pm. It’s funny when you nurse—most of the time you insist on sitting upright instead of laying like a baby. You are nursing for shorter periods of time, though, and I have a feeling you will be dropping some of those sessions again soon.

You sleep from about 8:15ish at night until about 7am (we nurse from 6:30am-7am but you aren’t really awake). You are always in good spirits in the morning– laughing and cuddling, so it’s hard to not be happy right there with you. You’ve recently started sleeping in all sorts of positions; you are all over the place! I would say your preferred sleeping position is the stink bug, with your little bum sticking straight up in the air. It never gets old.

Other things from this month:

  • You just graduated from your infant car seat to a convertible car seat! 
  • You love the outdoors. We try to get outside a couple times a day, at least once no matter what. You love playing in the grass. You love swinging at the park by our house and you are always happy going on walks in your stroller. You also LOVE the beach. The sand and the waves are a huge hit. If it wasn’t so hot, we’d spend so much more time there! IMG_1348
  • You had your first flight! Well, two flights, I guess. We went to the Abacos for a family vacation. You laughed the whole flight and had the best time.IMG_1216
  • Other adventures this past month include your first Fourth of July, where you went to the beach all day then ate a hotdog (the fireworks didn’t happen until waaaaay past your bedtime, so there’s always next year for those!).IMG_1617
  • We have gone to lots of summer parties and family get-togethers. You do really well at staying up a little past your bedtime to party with the big kids. you love being around people and are always grinning from ear to ear.IMG_1574IMG_1255 2Your personality is the very best. You have so many things that just make you YOU. You  scrunch your nose and do the cutest little smile. You make this funny underbite and stick out those 2 little bottom teeth when you’re frustrated and you constantly make the motorboat noise. You clap anytime anyone else cheers or claps. You emphatically shake your head “no,” and, probably the best of all, is you laugh. Your tummy and back of your legs are super ticklish so rolling around and tickling you are probably my current favorite things to do, ever.

IMG_1628You are so smart! You know your name, you know exactly what you want, and you motion to exactly what you want. You say “mama” and occasionally “dada.” You also vigorously shake your head “no.” You are also finally sitting through multiple books being read to you.

Your crawl is still so crawl on 3 of your limbs and propel yourself with your left leg. You aren’t walking yet, but we think you are getting close. You pull to stand on EVERYTHING and anything. You can walk with the assistance of just one finger from a helper but you’re not quite standing on your own just yet…and you still that funny butt scoot! 

I feel ya, buddy...#hudson #gymkid #bumperplates #toughworkout

You love getting into drawers and pulling out every last thing of the drawer, and then putting it back. You love making loud noises on tables and countertops. You love opening the freezer and feeling the cold air and you love closing every door that you see.IMG_1760Huddy, you are the light of our lives. You make every day so much better than the last. Watching you learn and grow is the best. We really never knew what we were missing before you were here—but now we can see that you are exactly who we needed to make life complete.IMG_1436It’s hard to believe that the next letter I will be writing will be your final ONE YEAR letter. Time is flying by. I hope I can always keep up with you, and I hope you will always let me. Thank you for being the best little guy ever. I love you so very much!IMG_1696




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