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18 months.

February 28, 2017

Holy cow. Hudson is actually 18 1/2 months old, to be exact…but I’m still trying to figure out where the time has gone. Our little man is definitely a little boy now– baby no more!

In General

At his 18 month checkup, Hudson was 34 inches tall and 28 pounds.

He’s definitely growing longer and not putting weight on as quickly anymore– all of his pants are too short and the waist is too big!

Hudson is the most happy-go-lucky kid. He doesn’t need toys to entertain him, he’ll pretty much play with anything around him. A stick, some lint, a weight at the gym, a grocery bag– it doesn’t really matter, he always finds something to do with whatever it is!

Hudson didn’t take his first steps until he was 15 months old, but, as everyone warned, he almost immediately began running. These days, the majority of my time is spent chasing our little dude and preventing major bodily harm or catastrophic mess.

He goes to preschool 2 mornings per week and LOVES it. He has no problem waving Mark away at drop-off and talks a mile a minute with me on the car-ride home– I have no idea what he’s saying, but he definitely tells me all about it!

The last few months have been the biggest months of change in Hudson to date. He is, socially, far more outgoing than he used to be, his motor skills are very fine-tuned (he can use a cup, fork, and spoon with no problem, he unscrews everything he gets his hands on, he loves to brush his hair, etc), and he is extremely independent– from his wardrobe choices to wanting to read to himself. 

The biggest thing we’re currently working on with him is his speech. He only says a handful of things: ‘Roomba,’ ‘that,’ ‘peeeese’ (for please), ‘ma-ma,’ ‘da-da,’ and ‘dog’ are really the only words that he says. We’ve been working with him with flashcards and also making him say things instead of pointing at them.

I’m pretty sure that he’s saying “ball” as of this week, so I’m crossing my fingers for continued growth in his vocabulary!


Bananas, scrambled eggs, and guacamole are his favorite foods in the whole world.

I’m at such a great place with Hudson’s eating. HOWEVER, this is totally not because he’s an outstanding eater.

Some days he eats vegetables, some days he gets vegetables from his baby food pouches. Some meals he picks the chicken out of whatever we’re eating or sometimes he’ll only eat his meal if he gets to dip it in ketchup. Some days he eats all day long, some days he only nibbles at meals a couple times during the day. Some days all he wants to eat is yogurt. And I’m ok with all of this.

I’ve totally let my food hang-ups go. And, quite frankly, it has made mealtime SO much less stressful for the whole family. 

We offer Hudson a meal– generally, it’s whatever Mark and I are eating. As mentioned above– sometimes he only picks at it, sometimes he eats it. But I don’t freak out about it either way. 

In regards to what Hudson “should be” eating, my expectations were so high and crazy that I was making everyone stressed about it. I do not want food to be stressful.

My friend sent me a fantastic article that initiated my new laissez-faire approach on Hudson’s eating: read it here!


Hudson takes one nap per day. He goes to sleep at 11:45am and generally sleeps for 2 hours.

He goes to bed at 7:45pm every night and wakes up at 7am like clockwork.

He’s an awesome sleeper.

Anything Else

  • This kid loves music. We have dance parties a couple times per day. Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake music seems to be what he’s especially into right now.
  • Being outside is his favorite thing ever! He loves to sweep the garage and press the button on the leaf blower at home. He loves sliding and throwing rocks at the playground.
  • Cleaning is probably his second favorite thing– he LOVES to vacuum (and he’s actually very thorough when he does it!) and wiping things with a rag. 
  • He hates watching TV. He wants nothing to do with it– no complaints from me!
  • He is dad’s buddy. While I’m the go-to for comfort, Dad is definitely the fun guy!
  • He is really afraid of being close to dogs. He loves them from about 3 feet or more away, but anything closer and he gets freaked out (no bad experience– we have no idea why he feels this way!)
  • Thanks to my mom, Hudson’s newfound activity is getting his back scratched. He walks up to me, turns around, lifts his shirt up, and waits for me to scratch his back.
  • Hudson is extremely interested in taking things apart and stacking every.single.thing.

I love this age and can’t wait to experience the next 6 months of adventures with my favorite little buddy!


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