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2 years old.

August 15, 2017

Huddy Buddy,

You are two years old! It’s crazy to see how much you have changed, even in just the past six months.

Let’s start out with the numbers, because you know I am a numbers nerd.
You clock in at 31 pounds and you are 36 inches tall.
You are right on track with all your expected milestones, and are as healthy as can be…and for that, we are so, so grateful!
You love Stu (your raccoon/squirrel stuffed animal from Costa Rica), vacuuming, making the “Uncle B sound,” your Strider bike, almost every food, swimming or any water activity, big trucks and construction equipment, and getting your way. You are a chatterbox, and are always eager to have a conversation with me in the car or when you’re sitting in my lap while we read a book. I have no idea what you’re saying some of the time, but you string a whole conversation together! You often yell out “thunder!!!” when it’s thundering and point out the “yeyow (yellow) truck” at the house where people are moving in at the end of the street.  You demand your “biiiike” and know the names of every food (mostly because you’re constantly asking for ALL.THE. FOOD!). “What’s dat??!!” is also the question I answer the most times in a day. You are definitely taking in the world around you!
 You still love sleeping.  You go right to sleep after your bedtime routine around 7:45pm and sleep for just shy of 12 hours without a peep. You take one nap a day, around noon, and it lasts anywhere from 90 minutes to 3 hours! 
You are constantly surprising us with how observant, thoughtful, and smart you are. Sometimes we wonder how on earth you know things, like that all of a sudden you like having ice in your water, or that boo-boos feel better with kisses, or how to plug in the vacuum and clean up your own messes (<<<this one still shocks me because I have never once asked you to do this completely on your own).You make my heart burst every day, you are the sweetest little guy and are such a charmer. You give the best hugs and quick kisses, and are seriously a tender, pensive, little soul. I love you so, so, SO much. Thanks for making life so amazing. You’re the very best.




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