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28 week Update…Highs & Lows

May 21, 2015

Hello friends.

I really can’t believe that I have 12 weeks left in my pregnancy. Since I do these pregnancy update posts every 4 weeks, that means you only have 3 more of these boring updates to go! 🙂

In so many ways I wish time would slow down so I can relish these last few weeks of being child-less…and in so many ways I can’t wait for time to hurry up so I can hold and see and smell our little baby.

I feel like a lot has happened over my last 7 months, so in a moment of reflection, here are the biggest things that come to mind:

Lows in the past 7 months:

  • Both of my paternal grandparents have passed away over the course of the last few weeks
  • We accidentally flooded our townhouse when we moved out
  • Having heartburn every day since about the 5 month point
  • Worrying…more than normal. (Things like “when I jumped down from that bench, did I hurt the baby? When I tried to demonstrate “toes to bar” for my workout class, did I squish the baby?)
  • Not having any clothes to wear (especially lately) and not wanting to spend a fortune on a new, maternity wardrobe

Highs in the past 7 months:

  • Completing the building and moving into our first home (we love it so much!!)
  • Finding out the Bailey Bean is a boy
  • Becoming a paid freelance writer (in addition to personal training and nutrition coaching) 
  • Finding out that my brother and his wife are expecting a baby 
  • Seeing the 20 week sonogram of our little guy squirming around like crazy and then every subsequent doctor’s visit when we get to hear his healthy heartbeat

What is baby up to at 28 weeks?


  • By this week, baby weighs 2 1/2 pounds (about the size of a large eggplant) and measures 15 inches from the top of his head to his heels
  • He can blink his eyes, which now sport lashes
  • With his eyesight developing, he may be able to see the light that filters in through my womb

How is mama feeling?

28 weeks:


Weight Gain:

As of yesterday morning at my doctor’s appointment, I am up 16.5 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight and I’m feeling every bit of it. My joints are sore (from extra weight and stretching) and I just feel heavier.


I almost feel like I’ve regressed back to my first trimester. I am extremely exhausted by about 1 or 2pm every day with no sign of that surge of energy that I’ve had for the last 8 weeks or so. In an effort to not get out of the habit of working out, I have been holding myself to 4 gym workouts per week. These aren’t all my usual hour-long, sweaty, ultra intense workouts, but more strength-focused. Here’s my week so far:

Monday: Fit Camp (I’m modifying a lot these days but I always leave really sweaty and feeling like I had an amazing workout!)

Tuesday: Our gym’s Workout of the Week:

10 min AMRAP:

Reps progress by 2 (2,4,6,8,10…)


Push Press

Pull Ups

I made it through 14 rounds plus 3 pull ups (which I’m happy to say that I’m still managing to do unassisted!)

Wednesday: Fit Camp

Thursday: 20 minute back squat session (10 back squats for 6 rounds, working up to 40% of my 1 rep max–which is about 85 lbs)


No problem sleeping now that I’m tired all the time. I take a daily 30 minute power nap when I feel my daily exhaustion setting in then go to bed around 9:30 or 10 and sleep soundly until my alarm goes off at 4:45!


BOY! Although we are not going to make our little guy’s name public until he’s born, we still have no name!

Belly Button?

It’s totally flat, so not in or out.


On and loose! I still drink 1 gallon+ of water every day to try to combat swelling and intense pregnancy thirst…which is totally real, by the way!


YEP! Tons–ALL the time!!!! He mostly squirms and plays when I’m trying to go to sleep at night or working out, but I feel him moving around all day.


  • A perfect bill of health from my midwife. Baby is ultra healthy (her words!) with a strong heartbeat, measuring perfectly in growth and is no longer fully breach (yay!!). I’m right on track in my belly size, weight gain and everything else. To hear all of this is the best news that I could possibly ask for!
  • A 3 day weekend…I can’t remember the last time Mark and I were not out of town for some portion of our weekend. We can’t wait to catch up on some house stuff and relax at the beach with friends and family!
  • All the support and love I constantly get from Mark and my friends and family! Thank you guys for making me feel like an amazing woman (especially on the days that I’m really cranky and not all that amazing…)


SO much heartburn

Hot flashes

Lower back pain at the end of the day

(Very) Frequent urination


Moodiness…I’m extra sensitive to everything these days



All the dairy

Warm turkey sandwiches <<so random, but I crave them EVERY day

Looking Forward To:

Getting the nursery set up and organized

A couple of baby showers over the next couple of months

Lunch and spending time with my mom tomorrow



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