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3 Claps for the Gap

July 29, 2013

So, most of you know me pretty well so you know that I currently work for Young Life. It’s a non-denominational Christian organization that does ministry outreach to middle and high school aged kids.

I work “on the inside” (as opposed to “out in the field” at high schools) doing development/fundraising work.

Mark and I, for the past 2 summers now, have had the opportunity to be the leaders for a group of adults who attend a Young Life summer camp. We have an absolute blast doing it and get to meet some pretty incredible people from all over the country.

This summer we had the opportunity to lead at Windy Gap, a gorgeous camp in Weaverville, NC (about 20 minutes north of Asheville). So…that’s what we did all of last week!

Mark and I flew into NC a day early so that we would have time to explore Asheville and spend some time, just the 2 of us. We had a blast exploring the little shops and General Stores and ate some out-of-this world food! We both agreed that our very favorite places to eat in Asheville were the Tupelo Honey Cafe and Farm Burger. Both restaurants focused on serving organic veggies, local, grass-fed meat and were incredibly delicious!



Tupelo Honey serve warm, flaky biscuits before every meal


I try any and every sweet potato pancake that comes my way…Mark and I both agreed this one was out this world!


My perfect place!


Gluten-free buns, grass-fed burger, and homemade fries!!


Family-style seating at Farm Burger!

I was highly recommended to this really neat place called The Sky Bar. So, we hit it up. It was the coolest bar overlooking the Asheville skyline. The bar itself is in a business building. When you enter the lobby, you have to ring for the elevator doorman to bring you up. You go up to something like the 12th floor and, once you are delivered, you sit on one of 3 terraces overlooking the city and the sunset. It was BEAUTIFUL! Annnnd…The drinks were seriously delicious. The sangria came highly recommended- so that’s what we got! Then, Mark, being the lover of coffee that he is, tried an alcoholic coffee drink which he said was the best he’d ever had! If you’re in Asheville– go to The Sky Bar!


I love his glasses…he’s so handsome 🙂




I loved the simple, but pretty decor at Sky Bar!


Our view of Asheville with sangrias in hand

After a fun night in Asheville, we woke up the next morning and headed to Weaverville for camp!

Our week at camp was seriously one of the best weeks of our lives! We sang, ate, played, hiked, rode horses, watched falling stars, prayed, had life talks, loved on some teenagers, and a ton of other things. I’ve got some great stories that I’ll be sharing throughout my blogging, but for now, here are some picture highlights!


I was SO happy to be at camp!


I was in love with the stables at Windy Gap. The horses were so beautiful, calm, and loved!


They’re called Naskarts and they are FUN!




Mark jumpin’ onto the blob


…and he was officially blobbed!


These are my sweet, sweet friends Mary Ellen and Ashley. They are the camp doctor’s daughter and niece. We hung out all week together! In this picture, we were hiking a mountain!


We made it to the top of the hike!


The week’s horseback riding was my favorite thing that we did. This is one of the other adults at camp. She was hilarious!


Here’s the group that we led!


Ashley and I swung on this HUGE swing that pulls you up into the trees, then you karate chop the cord that lifted you up and go FLYING!


More horseback riding!


This is the sweetest donkey on the planet! We LOVED Duke!

I have about 200 more pictures and will be sharing them along and along!

Again, I can’t say it enough, Young Life camp is out-of-this-world amazing! (Can I get 3 claps for Windy Gap?!) If you or your kid ever gets a chance to go, DO IT!

I’m happy to be home though! Between my August Challenge, passing my CPT certification exam, getting back into a routine, and lying low for a little while, it feels really good to be back in my groove (and sleeping in my own bed!).

I can’t wait for Fit Camp tonight! I’ve missed my Fit Camp family and sweating out my stresses!







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