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My 3 Favorite Health-Related Podcasts

November 1, 2013

Cheers to the weekend!

I realized that I’ve held been holding back from you guys, one of my favorite fitness/nutrition education tools…because, HELLO, who has time to read a ton of books??!!

I have not been shy about sharing my new-found love of learning about nutrition and fitness and health in general. My absolute favorite way of learning, lately, is by podcast! These days I listen to podcasts more than I listen to music or anything else.

I’ve learned so much about things that I would never have the time to read about. I’ve also learned about incredible companies and  products that are current staples in our household.

Here are my favorite podcasts, in no particular order. They are all centered around overall health and I couldn’t recommend them more!

1) Balanced Bites– This informal podcast is led by 2 awesome ladies (Diane Sanfilippo and Liz Wolfe) who drop pop-culture jokes, discuss modern farming (am I the only one who thinks this is really cool?!), answer thought-provoking listener questions, and basically encourage a well-rounded Paleo lifestyle. I LOVE their show!

podcast: balanced bites

2) Fat-burning Man (Abel James)– This guy knows his stuff! He studied brain science at Dartmouth, is an amazing musician (and does research on the brain and its relationship to music) and is a total down-to-earth guy. He interviews leading nutrition and fitness superstars, jokes about Jillian Michaels, regularly talks about his cute dog, Bailey, and discusses everything from hormones to terrible trainers. This is the show that I learn the most from!

podcast: abel james

3) Bulletproof Exec– Dave Asprey is the man! He’s the guy that created Bulletproof Coffee (aka butter coffee), is all about finding ways to hack into our brains to make us more productive and sharper. He’s an extremely successful Silicone Valley entrepreneur who takes well-being to the next level. He talks a lot about brain health but covers an array of topics regarding being a better version of yourself. You automatically feel smarter each time you listen!

podcast- bulletproof exec


There you have it– the easiest way to educate yourself. I listen to these podcasts through a podcast app called Downcast (I LOVE THIS APP!!!!), but you can also download every one of these shows through iTunes!

Ta-ta for now! Have an amazing weekend..and GO BULLDOGS! (It’s FL/GA weekend here in North Florida!)







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