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Best Coffee in Jacksonville!

April 21, 2013

“A Sunday well spent, brings a week of content” <—-love this!

Yay! It’s Sunday!

Yesterday was extra busy for me and Mark so we are laying low today. And, although it was rainy and cold (cold for an April in Florida–it was 60 degrees!), we had a fun day.

We began by driving over an hour to get coffee at the most recommended coffee shop in Jacksonville: Bold Bean Cafe. Well, now I know why it is the most recommended– because it’s amazing, the bee’s knees, and all that with a glass of milk.


I had a cappuccino with spicy chocolate syrup and Mark went for a traditional, black coffee.  Both were out of this world–mine was that kind of spicy that really sticks with you-it was s-p-i-c-y! Part of what I think is most unique about this place is that you choose how you want your coffee made. They brew every order on the spot…no pre-made vats of coffee!  I’m not really a coffee connoisseur so I’m not sure that I would be able to taste the difference in methods of making a cup of coffee–but it’s still cool!

One thing that I can taste a difference on, though, is the fact that Bold Bean uses single origin coffee beans. When Mark and I first found out about Bold Bean, we did some research and discovered why single-origin coffee beans are such a big deal: the average coffee that you buy, say, at the grocery store, is a mix of possibly hundreds of different beans from possibly hundreds of different coffee farms. Different climates, soil, and farming techniques can yield different flavors thus creating a unique coffee bean. When you have a mix of beans, the uniqueness of each farm’s coffee bean does not come through. With single-origin coffee, as its name states, all the beans come from one farm, thus creating a unified, unique flavor of coffee.

Even when we make it at home, Bold Bean’s single origin coffee is smooth and has an extremely pleasing coffee flavor–it’s not too harsh or bold like some coffees.

We had an amazing time at the Bold Bean Cafe and will definitely be back…after we save up enough gas money. 🙂


Next, we had planned to go to Costco for our monthly stock-up but Mark accidentally left our Costco membership card at home. On top of that, there were about 5 gazillion people in the parking lot alone, so we peaced out of the place very quickly.

Our next stop was at our favorite health-food store, Native Sun. We inhaled (THE most delicious) salads and kale-quinoa cakes for lunch then grabbed a few of our staples that we can’t get in our local grocery store.



We rushed home to throw things in the fridge and pantry then headed back out the door to meet my parents for dinner and a movie.

The night ended with some frozen yogurt…which made me particularly happy.



After being gone all day yesterday, the rest of my day consists of checking off my to-do list and hanging with Mark and Otis. These are my favorite kind of days!

Be well!





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