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4 Friday Facts

February 13, 2015

1. I devour Caprese Salad and vegetable hummus wraps I can’t get enough of them. I actually go to sleep at night looking forward to eating both of these items the next day. I always make both items the same way:

-lay mozzarella, tomato, and fresh basil on top of each other; drizzle some olive oil and balsamic on top

-spread some garlic hummus on the inside of a spinach wrap. Toss a ton of spinach and shredded iceberg lettuce, bean sprouts, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber and 1/2 of an avocado inside the wrap and roll. Cut it in half. (sometimes I add some leftover chicken or turkey for some added protein)


2. We’re in the last stages of home building- which is crazy exciting and makes me antsy to buy pretty things to put inside of it. Problem is, house stuff, of any kind, is freakin’ expensive….which is exactly why I LOVE this blog: Copy Cat Chic! She takes expensive homewares and furniture, scours the internet and finds almost exact replicas for a fraction of the cost. 

For example:

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 9.33.43 PMScreen Shot 2015-02-12 at 9.33.58 PM 

3. I WILL be making these Almond Butter Blondies this weekend. Blondies are probably my favorite bars of all time. Happy Valentine’s to me!


 4. There is SO much baby stuff out there. I had no idea. I’ve been reading blogs, books, magazine articles and talking to friends for recommendations on everything. I have a sort of good grasp on what’s important and what brands folks seem to really like…got anything to add?! 

Everyone has RAVED about these Como Tomo Natural Feel bottles:

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 1.20.30 PM


That’s all I’ve got today.




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