4 Reasons Why I’m Plateauing

July 2, 2013

Man…plateauing is a weird word to spell. Lots of vowels very close to each other.

Speaking of weird, it’s weird that we’re more than halfway through 2013…when did that happen?

On to more important things…

So, I’ve felt a little blah about my workouts lately. The motivation is there, but I’m just not feeling good about what I’m doing. I’m not making any PRs, I’m not noticing any body changes, I’m not making any big strength or speed gains. It’s SO frustrating!

I’ve given this a lot of thought, though, and all of this is my fault.

1) My mind is elsewhere. I am the worst at making grocery lists and to-do lists, planning what’s for dinner, and trying to remember if I unplugged the blow dryer during my workout. I need to be present. No wonder I’m plateauing! How can I get a really great outcome if I’m not putting in a really great effort? Now that I’m aware that this is a problem for me, I will do as I do in yoga class. As my mind starts to wander, I’m going re-focus by counting my reps to myself, being more aware of my technique, or concentrating on going deeper/heavier/etc.

2) I like catching up with my friends. Let’s be honest here, I would rather talk about my friend’s new dog than do wall facing squats. However, there’s a time and place for both. I love all the people who I work out with and, while camaraderie definitely has its place in our Fit Camp class and at the gym, I need to focus my energies on a really great workout. Again, if I’m not putting my focus and energy into my workout, how can I ever expect to make any strides?

3) I’m indulging a bit too much.  The summer is so good to me and so bad to me at the same time. I wear less clothes and eat more food. Basically, there is a bag of butterscotch chips in my pantry that calls my name at least once a day. There are pina coladas, chips and guacamole, popsicles, hotdogs, and grilled everything. While I’m ALL for moderation of treats and “healthy” stuff, I need to amp up the good stuff and slow down a bit on the treats. I have a ton more energy and focus when I’m on track with my eating. Plus, I don’t want to undo my work at the gym the minute I sit down for dinner or hit up my friend’s dinner party. I’m never going to get those abs or be as toned as I want to be by downing those butterscotch chips. (Sigh…reality is harsh :()

4) I’m texting in the gym. Ugh, this one really irritates the heck out of me. I can be having a killer workout and then a friend will text me and I feel like I HAVE to text back that moment, right then and there. Most of the time the text is about weekend plans or a random question or something that can definitely wait for another 30 minutes or so until I’m done working out. Now, because I decided to text right back, my heart rate goes down, I lose count on what rep or set I’m on, and get inevitably distracted.  Unfortunately, my phone doubles as my iPod or else I wouldn’t even bring my phone in the gym with me. I’ve figured out a solution though! I’m going to turn on the “Do Not Disturb” feature on my iPhone while I’m at the gym. No alerts, dinging, ringing, or vibrating to distract me anymore!

I’m over this plateau thing. I’m ready to be back on track and making big things happen.

Awareness is the first step, right?




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