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5 Foods That Have Changed My Life

August 29, 2016

First and foremost, I have not been asked to endorse or promote any of these products! I simply LOVE everything listed below and want you to know about them. Mark and I are HUGE fans of Amazon so we order everything from there (and most of it is part of our ‘Subscribe & Save’ shipment every month!). Click the pictures below to be taken directly to the product we order every month!

Second, I don’t use the term “changed my life” lightly. I really, truly mean that the 5 items listed below have been complete game changers…ch-ch-check ’em out:

Miracle Noodles: Who doesn’t like comfort food in the form of pasta!? I get intense cravings for spaghetti– all the time! Because I don’t love the lethargic, bloated feeling that I have after eating a big bowl of pasta, I did quite a bit of research for a viable alternative and found this stuff! The noodles “suck up” whatever flavoring you cook them in (which is why they’re great for any dish!) and they are full of fiber and no calories or carbohydrates! I know they sounds too good to be true, but I promise I wouldn’t lead you astray. They are EXTREMELY easy to use in dishes and are the perfect substitute for “real” pasta noodles. Mark and I buy the variety pack from Amazon and have made everything from spaghetti to stir fry, to lasagna with them! IMG_2177

Epic Duck Fat: While I still have a deep love for coconut oil, I think Hudson has a slight alergy to coconut anything. Because of this, I needed to find an alternative cooking oil. Mark really wanted to try duck fat and we haven’t looked back. I use duck fat in absolutely everything. It’s tasteless (which I like) and extremely versatile. I cook Hudson’s scrambled eggs in it every day! IMG_2175

Four Sigmatic’s Chaga Mushroom Extract: This brand of Chaga is from Siberia. I’m not sure why, but anything Siberian sounds like a good idea to me. Chaga extract is like super immunity for your body. It’s double extracted which means it’s water and fat soluble, and it is, hands down, the best thing I’ve ever used to ward off sicknesses and colds. Although I use Chaga in my smoothie at least once per week, I also use it the second I’m feeling run down (which is usually when I catch sort of virus or sickness). I put Chaga extract into my coffee or my smoothie and I have never gotten sick once since using the stuff (which is roughly the past 6 months). With the upcoming fall and winter months when sickness is on the rise, I can not recommend this stuff more! Mix it in your coffee and/or smoothie and I promise you can’t even taste it! I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend it! FullSizeRender 6

Super Greens: Super Greens is a blend of powerful raw greens, phytonutrient-rich fruits and veggies, and digestive probiotics & enzymes to give you the ultimate organic greens powder. Its made using pure, earth-friendly organic food sources to provide natural energy, support overall health, and to maintain a strong immune system. I mix my Super Greens in my daily green smoothie for a little extra “oomph.”IMG_2171

Tessemae’s All Natural Ketchup: This is ketchup without the junk. I eat a lot of ketchup so I can finally stop beating myself up about it. We’ve been ordering this ketchup for the last couple of months and I put it on EVERYTHING! IMG_2173

I always love learning about new, awesome foods and products!

Is there anything you love that I should know about!?


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