5 Friday Favorites

October 23, 2015

Thanks for all the sweet words and advice and suggestions for Hudson’s excema. Seriously, y’all are awesome. It seems to be at bay, for now. We have a humidifier, Vanicream and Aquifor that seem to be doing the trick. As long as his skin stays “creamed” (as I call it), the excema stays away.FullSizeRender copy 2

  • Bird’s Eye Steamfresh Frozen Buffalo Cauliflower: While I highly recommend making your own (it’s SO easy), these are amazing when you’re in a pinch. I have them on hand for when I’m feeling munchy during football games and I’m too lazy to whip something up but am trying to stay away from eating ALL the chips and ALL the brownies. (<<these are things I crave while watching football.)


  • Lole Athleticwear. Everyone who knows me knows that lululemon is my favorite athletic wear. This brand is REALLY similar to lululemon (especially in pricing- sorry!) but with more of a selection of everyday-type stuff. Everything on their site is really cute and really functional. These are the things I currently have my eye on:

Suddhi Top ($80)

Glorious Leggings ($70)favorite

Roca Bra ($60)favorite

  • Sunrise Beach Workouts: A bride, her mom, and her bridesmaids contacted the training facility I work at and wanted a week of sunrise beach training sessions while they were in town for the wedding! I jumped at the opportunity and am glad I did! The ladies were awesome and it had been waaaaaay too long since I’ve been at the beach for a sunrise. I always made a point to get to the beach early enough that I could stretch and watch the sun rise. Although being up with Hudson in the very early morning hours made getting up for sunrise a little tougher than in my pre-baby life, I’m so glad I got to re-kindle my appreciation for the gorgeous place I live!


  • Veggie Base iPhone App: One of the things I’m really trying to be better about is eating produce while it’s in season. We’re not supposed to eat watermelon and squash year round. It’s supposed to be seasonal! This app has been as excellent help with that. It tells me what fruits/vegetables are in season, what my dirty dozen are, nutrition facts, and much more! It cost $.99 but I can’t recommend it enough!


  • PaleOMG’s Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie: I’m not a big Pumpkin Spice Latte fan and I’m not really a pumpkin-spice-everything fanatic, but I LOVE this smoothie. To me, it tastes like pumpkin pie filling. I leave out the maple syrup and double the pumpkin pie spice and drink it as my little treat on my way to work every evening.




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