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5 Friday Favorites

April 21, 2017

Ohhhhh hi there, friend! It has certainly been a minute since I’ve last written.

I have a couple of posts planned in the near future featuring life updates, what our family is up to, things we’re excited about, and some of the really delicious food we’ve been eating lately…life is fun, exciting, busy, and sweet right now. Having an almost 2 year old is so fun (and messy and tiring!!).

So, in the spirit of Friday, here are some of my current favorite things:

Present Over Perfect (almost 50% off at the time of this post!) Wow. I wish that I could buy a copy of this and give it to every woman I know. It’s basically the Christian perspective of why self-care, rest, and learning to say “no” to some of the things asked of us is essential to having deeper relationships, more happiness, and a deeper sense of satisfaction as wives, mothers, friends, etc. I can’t recommend this book enough!!!Smarty Pants Multi-Vitamin (almost 40% off at the time of this post!) I take these gummy vitamins every day. Since the day I got pregnant, I could not stomach multivitamin pills. I thought it would go away once Hudson was born…but it hasn’t. I felt the desire to continue taking a multivitamin while breastfeeding, just to be sure that I was taking in enough nutrients….and now I eat these multivitamins to satisfy my sweet tooth after dinner. They absorb quickly and have the most highly bioavailable versions of all of the vitamins and minerals (something Im very particular about!). My only beef with these particular vitamins are that they do not have any iron in them!My friend’s household cleaners! The wood cleaner and granite sealer are my favorite! They’re mostly natural and extremely effective….and since it’s my friend’s company, I’m extremely happy to support them! Richard Clarkson. An item or two from this incredibly innovative company may be popping up in a new playroom at our house very soon! 🙂 The “For the Future” Category in our budget. A lot of times I hear about trips or big purchases that people make and think, how can they afford to do that???!! Since I don’t mind being transparent, I don’t mind sharing our method! Mark and I do our best to live as debt-free as possible. (We pay off our credit cards every month and don’t make purchases unless the money is in our bank account!). So, the only way we make things happen- book trips, make large purchases, and do other “big budget” things- is by planning for them waaaaaaay in the future. I’m going to be writing a post soon regarding the things I’m most excited that we’re saving for…but a house addition and a Disney trip are definitely among a few of the things on that list!



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