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4 Everyday Things I Do to Stay Active & Burn Calories

July 7, 2016

Since having Hudson and not having the ability to go to the gym for an actual workout every day, I’ve had to get creative with ways to stay active. I do the following 4 things on a daily basis and have found myself with more sustained energy over the course of the day, better posture, and an accomplished to-do list!

  1. I stand while I do computer work or talk on the phone: I’ve found that I stay more engaged in my work or conversations and am better able to keep up with Hudson! Win-win! (Here’s an inexpensive option for converting your desk to a standing deskScreen Shot 2016-07-06 at 9.41.30 PM
  2. I hold Hudson instead of putting him in a cart or carrier: If I’m not in a super big hurry and I’m, say, browsing somewhere like Target, I will hold Hudson instead of pushing him in the cart. Hudson weighs 23 pounds and is a wiggly, grabby little guy so the act of keeping him still and not into everything creates a bunch of work for me. IMG_2236
  3. I incorporate some sort of active chore into my daily to-list. For example, I needed to rearrange a portion of the garage last week. I spent 30 minutes lifting heavy bins and boxes and hoisting them all over the place. My heart rate was up while I got a task accomplished. Washing sheets and remaking beds, scrubbing floor boards, vacuuming the entire house, changing the air conditioner filters…these are just a few of my active tasks! 
  4. I take afternoon walks: Calorie burn, sunshine (Vitamin D), and some fresh air–it’s my afternoon trifecta! Plus, I SAVE calories by not drinking a big cup of coffee (I like mine with coconut milk and sweetener–so many calories!) when I feel myself needing a little afternoon pick-me-up. (I know not everyone has the ability to leave their office for a walk, but maybe going up and down your office building stairs a couple of times, or kicking off your heels and doing some lunges or dips off your office chair are?)



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