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5 Things I’m Loving!

November 4, 2016
  1. Frothing the creamer/milk for my coffee! I know this sounds silly, but it truly takes your coffee up a notch. Mark ordered an electric handheld milk frother a while ago when he made his daily Bulletproof coffee. It has been sitting in our utensil drawer for a while so I pulled it out a week ago and gave it a whirl. I was blown away by how much better and creamier my coffee seemed to be. Now, I use it every morning. (This is the milk frother that we use– it’s 70% off! Upgrading your daily coffee for only $5 is a STEAL!)screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-12-38-28-pm
  2. Going to bed early! I felt REALLY run down about 2 weeks ago. Nothing had changed in my day-to-day life, but I was absolutely dead tired by 5pm every day. I tried going to bed an hour earlier and that seemed to do the trick. 8 hours of sleep is still my magic number. So, while I may have a tiny bit less “me” time, hang out time with Mark, or get a few less things done in the evening, I wake up refreshed and ready the next morning! Plus, I make better food choices and feel more like working out when I’m well rested!
  3. Reebok Hero Racer Bra 2.0. (The yellow color in this bra is on sale for $29.99!) Ever since nursing, I’ve found new value in a supportive, high quality sports bra. So far, after trying about 12 different brands, styles, supportiveness, etc, this is my absolute favorite. It doesn’t dig in and cause any bulging, it’s comfortable, very flattering, and most importantly, extremely supportive. If you are a runner or do any sort of high-impact workouts/sports, I can’t recommend this sports bra more! screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-1-05-11-pm
  4. Milk Shake Conditioning Foam. My hair gets weighed down by hair products very easily. This stuff has been the only product in 30 years that truly conditions my hair but doesn’t weigh it down or make it feel weird. I desperately want to eat it every time I put it in my hair– it smells exactly like vanilla frosting. I put this is my hair prior to blow drying it and it has never let me down. I couldn’t love my conditioning foam more!
  5. take me to the mountains–a mindless photo blog. Music and pretty photos!screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-1-41-35-pm


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