6 months old.

February 15, 2016


Happy half birthday, little man! It blows me away that you are already six months old. I say this every month, but time really does fly. Another thing I say every month is that you had a whole lot of growing and changing going on, and this month is no different. In fact, I think this past month has brought the most changes thus far!

You weigh a teensy bit over 19 lbs., you’re about 28 inches tall? long? and you wear 9 month (and some 12 month) sized clothes. Your sweet, ultra-blonde hair is really coming in– most folks can’t see it from far away, though, because it is so blonde! Your eyes are now a deep blue– the same color as mine! 2016-02-04 10.49.58IMG_9776You are chattering so much lately. You say a lot of consonants and like to babble lots of gibberish to us. You do an extended “dadadadadada…” Your giggle is music to my ears–and when you laugh, your face is ALL smile. You are SO cute. You laugh hysterically when dad talks in funny voices to you and you LOVE bouncing on the bed (not my favorite thing…but it’s ok for now.). It’s so fun to see your little personality! You seem to be the happiest sitting in your Bumbo seat on the kitchen counter playing with a measuring cup and listening to me as I talk about wheat I’m doing. I’m determined for you, at the very least, to know how to do basic cooking when you’re older! You also always love music and dancing. Both our kitchen time and our dancing time make you completely, overwhelmingly joyful. (<<<and this makes me feel the same way!)2016-02-10 14.46.302016-01-27 20.23.26In the past, it’s been hard for us to leave the room without you getting mad. But lately, you’ve been content to chatter and play on your own on the rug in your room. You roll around looking at your hands, sucking on your toes, and babbling. It’s encouraging to see you learn to play independently and discover things for yourself. Your friend Asher donated his door jumper to us and you have a pretty good time in there. Basically any time you are upright and getting attention, you are as happy as can be. 2016-02-03 13.26.302016-02-04 09.03.45You love to kick (especially in our wearable baby carrier)! Anytime you hear music or get excited about something, you kick your legs, flap your arms, and stick out your tongue.2016-02-09 15.37.15I can tell you are thinking really hard about what is going on around you. You pull things apart, study them, then drool on them and chew on them. There’s a whole lotta learnin’ goin’ on!2016-01-29 10.14.10You are starting to pay more attention to the books and pictures in them. Brown Bear, Brown Bear is currently your favorite. You love anything having to do with animals– just like your dad!2016-01-21 10.32.47You are no longer using your carseat in your stroller! We get to place you directly in the stroller– which has made life so much easier!2016-02-08 17.31.46You are sitting up and eating food! You are proficiently sitting up for as long as you need or want and it is SO fun! You also love food! Sweet potatoes, pears, peas, beets, grits, and bananas are your favorite! You also LOVE sucking on cucumber slices! It’s all for fun for now, and we are still nursing full-time, but I love seeing you enjoy food. I am on a mission for you to not only know how to cook basic meals, but for you to eat and enjoy good food! So far, so good…you are not picky! You are also now sleeping all the way through the night (even more so than before). You generally sleep from 8:30pm-5:30am. We still nurse a bit when you wake up and then you go back down until around 7:15am! Great job, buddy! We’re so grateful!

You have some funny quirks and these quirks make me so happy. You LOVE your toes. You chew on them endlessly! You also love touching beards, getting air blown on your face, and loud noises. You love hitting our measuring cups on everything! It’s so fun to see you being silly!2016-02-09 15.36.482016-02-03 13.22.54Despite your awesomeness…

…you no longer enjoy sitting quietly while Dad and I work out together at Fit Camp. (We totally don’t blame you!) So, we’re doing our best to juggle our biggest source of stress relief (working out) with one of us being home to entertain you (which means one of us doesn’t get to work out). We’ve figured it out for now…but I have a feeling that this will always be evolving.

You’re also REALLY into digging huge, bleeding scratches into your scalp. As far as we can tell, your scalp doesn’t itch, we think you’re doing it in your sleep without knowing…sigh…your skin always seems to be a source of worry for me. 

Speaking of your skin, the cool weather has done your eczema SO good! You have had almost no outbreaks, but you still have terribly dry skin. So, as dad says, we have to “lube you up” constantly. 

2016-02-03 08.08.18

This picture is very special to me because I always want to remember these sweet moments. Hudson spends about 10 minutes every morning, as I’m making my coffee and getting my breakfast together, just lounging and babbling to me. It’s the best possible way for me to start my day!

You still refuse to roll over. You’re sitting and scooting, yet see no point in rolling. Oh well…2016-01-31 18.41.01

I used to think it was so cheesy when parents would say that time really flies once you have children, but it’s so true. I have to say, these past six months have been the best ones of my life. I never knew my heart could love someone so much. I’m so glad you’re here and that I get to be your mom. It’s the best. you’re the best.



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