7 months old.

March 15, 2016

Dear Huddy Buddy,

Seven months?! Seriously?! You are closer to being a year old than you are to the day you were born.. and that, my baby boy, is a trip.FullSizeRender

Let’s talk numbers: At your 6 month doctor’s appointment, you weighed just under 20 lbs. and you were almost 29 inches long…so I’m sure, now that it’s a month later, you are slightly heavier and taller. IMG_9935Some things you have been loving lately:

  • Eating, always eating. Now you love frozen bananas and blueberries along with all the usual sweet potato, soft scrambled egg yolks, avocado, pear, spinach, apple, etc. purees. Well, and mom’s milk, of course! You’re still nursing like a champ! IMG_9988
  • Peek a boo behind cabinets and doors. The excitement and joy in your face when I pop out from behind whatever I’m hiding behind of cracks me up every time.FullSizeRender 3
  • Bouncing on the bed. Dad lays you on your back and bounces the bed with his hands on either side of you. You laugh SO HARD. It’s awesome.
  • Bath time. You are so happy splashing in the water. You love holding your hand under the running faucet water. You stare at it, raise your eyebrows and study, study, study…yet you can’t quite figure out what’s going on there.
  • Magazines and newspapers. Toys are just okay.. but you are perfectly happy if you can get your hands on some paper to rip and shred into a gazillion pieces. You also, of course, always try to eat it.. you always try to eat everything! …Especially your toes/feet.IMG_9936IMG_9947
  • Measuring cups and stud finders. Again, who needs kid’s toys when you can play with things that make a TON of noise when you hit them on hard surfaces?! I hear measuring cups banging on things in my sleep!
    IMG_0004IMG_0008FullSizeRender 2
  • You area lot louder in general these days. You shout and squeal and laugh and yell. I love hearing your not-so-little voice. You are such a fun and funny little man- I can’t wait to see your personality keep developing!IMG_9999
  • Another funny thing you do (I don’t know that it’s something you enjoy, per se) is shake your head back and forth and back and forth super vigorously when you get sleepy. At first I thought it was something bothering your ears… but it turns out, it’s just a new quirk!IMG_0032

Firsts from this month:

  • Beach with a bud: You LOVED squeezing the sand between your hands and toes and handled the whole experience really well! I can’t wait for family beach trips this summer!IMG_9891
  • Rolling Over: Finally! I was starting to think you were going to be walking before you rolled over for the first time!
  • Giving “kisses”: They’re the sweetest, most painful things! You kiss us while simultaneously pulling our hair really, really hard…IMG_9867FullSizeRender

What can I say?! Another month has flown by and I say, yet again, that my love and amazement with you only grows! You are the best buddy that I could possibly ask for! Keep those kisses and giggles coming! I love you, big man!IMG_0086



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