8 months old.

April 15, 2016

Little buddy,

How has another month already whizzed by?!

We have had such a fun month with you! Your big, spunky personality shines through more and more each day!

You are 20.5 lbs and 30 inches long.

You celebrated your first Easter with your dad’s side of the family. We took a little trip, didn’t sleep much, and tried to keep you entertained as you were totally off your schedule and a little overwhelmed by all the things to look at and faces to figure out. While we were on this little trip, you played in a pool for the first time and LOVED it. All in all, we spent a good two hours splashing and kicking in the water. Your sweet little laughs and shrieks are still the best sounds in the world. It was a fun trip/Easter and we learned a bunch about traveling (even short amount of time and distances) with you! 8 months oldIMG_0150 (1)You are exploring more and more food–but despite what you want to eat, not having any teeth makes it hard to eat many of the things that you want. For example, you LOVE blueberries, but I have to squash and mash them in a bright purple mess for you to eat them. Same goes for watermelon! 8 months oldYou are still nursing full time (the food stuff is just for fun!), but you get super distracted while you eat. You will have a few swallows and then try to sit up and look around, especially if your dad is around—he’s always doing something you’re interested in! 8 months oldYou aren’t crawling, per se, but you are rolling across rooms and floors and bear-crawling wherever you want to go. So, life is a lot busier with you being so mobile. I can no longer set you down in one place and expect for you to stay there for very long. 8 months oldOn the flip side, something I really love about you, is how observant you are. You will sit and watch things going on. I see you looking at faces and figuring out what people are doing. It’s so cool to see you processing the world around you!8 months oldI also LOVE the way you sit with your legs crossed at your ankles. 

You are sleeping through the night consistently now! Bedtime (which hasn’t changed since the day we brought you home from the hospital) is 8:30pm and you now sleep until 7am-ish. Some mornings you wake a little earlier and some mornings you sleep a tiny bit later. While it took a solid 2 weeks for my milk supply to adjust (waking up so incredibly engorged with milk is not a good feeling!), both you and I are getting a full night’s sleep. There are no words for how grateful I am for this!FullSizeRender 5As great as your nighttime sleeping is, you’ve started a weird nap pattern. For roughly 3 days in a row, you will take two, 1 hour+ naps, perfectly on schedule with no problem. Then, for a couple days in a row, you absolutely refuse to nap and go the whole day without sleeping more than 15 minutes throughout the day. On your no-nap days, we play and roll around, go to work, and go for walks, yet the world is far too exciting and you are not willing to sacrifice missing out on something….so I am very unproductive. (<<I’ve learned to just roll with this…but it’s taken me 8 months to get to this point!)

You are extra grabby lately and that means we have to keep an extra close eye on you. If it’s within your reach, you are diving for it and trying your hardest to grab it. You really love grabbing beards, food, and any type of technological device!

You are talkative and slobbery! You like to say “babababa” and “mamamama” and you’re always sticking your tongue out. You do the motorboat sound all the time, especially when we are driving in the car or you are rolling around in the floor.8 months oldYou mimic us all the time. You make noises we make to you. You love to do what we call “the puppy noise” which is like a faint yelp. If we do the “yelp” back to you, we can often keep it going for 20 yelps, back and forth. 

Some of your other favorite things are taking long walks in your stroller, rubbing your face on the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, sucking/chewing on your toes, getting kisses on your neck, playing at the gym (my work), playing in the sand at the beach, and pretending to walk (we hold your hands while you “walk”). You are much more interested in playing these days, so it has been fun to play games, make music, and be silly with you.8 months oldYou really are just the happiest guy! You are so smiley and are rarely sad or cranky, and if you are, it’s usually because you are hungry or trying to avoid taking a nap. Your big, gummy grin brings me more happiness than you’ll ever know and I am so grateful for you.

That’s all for this letter, Little Man. I can’t wait to see what’s in store in the month ahead. I love you so, so much!8 months oldLove,



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