9 months old.

May 15, 2016


Nine months old! Crazy. Raising a tiny human in the world sure goes by a lot faster than growing a tiny human in my stomach, that’s for sure.IMG_0821 (1)I have actually thought a lot about how quickly you are growing. It’s all I can think about when I am rocking you to sleep at night. I hold you tight and I stare at your sweet, sleepy face and I realize that one day you will be too old for rocking,  you’ll be too big to fit in my lap, and you will want to put yourself to bed… and I will tell you all about the nights I would rock you to sleep singing Christmas carols because my mind constantly blanks on lullabies.  And how you would lay your head on my shoulder and take a couple of deep sighs just before drifting to sleep each night. I cherish each minute of these nights that I still get to hold you and rock you. They are my very favorite.IMG_0646

Let’s talk about what you have been up to this past month!

  • You learned to do a backwards wave (which basically looks like you’re telling everyone to “come here”)
  • You have been working so hard at standing up all by yourself. You would much rather stand than sit or lay. You practice pulling up on everything!
  • You’ve had 2 sweet, little bottom teeth come in! I think you’re on the verge of at least 1 tooth on the top popping through too!
  • You’re sort-of crawling. You take about 4 crawls, then scoot your way over to wherever you’re going. You’re HIGHLY mobile though! If I take my eyes off of you for 10 seconds, you’ve rolled, scooted, or whatever across the room and made some sort of mess. IMG_0830IMG_0562
  • You. grab. EVERYTHING! Seriously, your arms are always flailing, trying to grab whatever is within your reach. You LOVE squishy, messy things. Especially the homemade exzema cream that grandma makes for you. Rubbing that all over the place and dumping it in the floor to play with is your favorite pastime.IMG_0840
  • You are making a lot more noise lately. You love to shriek and giggle. You love to say “mamamamamama” and “babababa” and “rararara” and I have been trying to get you to say “dadadadada”. You have this cute little whisper that you make when you are thinking real hard about something. It’s adorable.IMG_0789
  • You are growing like a weed and your sweet blonde hair is getting so much thicker and curlier! You’ve slowed down a teensy bit on the weight gain but you have grown so much longer! All of your 12-month-sized clothing is too short! IMG_0729
  • You’ve developed your “pinching” skills so you want to pinch everything. You especially love to lift up my shirt and pinch my belly button. It’s so funny and weird!
  • We’re still going strong with breastfeeding– real food is just for fun and although the world is REALLY fascinating and you are constantly trying to twist and turn to get a good eye on the action, you still snuggle up to me and nurse!
  •  Even though nursing is going great, you love, love, love to eat food. There is nothing you won’t eat. Some new things you have tried lately are mangos, yogurt, meat, and peas. Sweet potatoes, egg yolks, and avocado are still your favorite!IMG_0796
  • You are still, very much, an observer. You notice everything and love to sit quietly with your legs crossed at your ankles and your hands clasped listening and watching the action. You do this both in social situations and when it’s just me in the kitchen making dinner. I absolutely love this about you. I can tell you’re trying to figure out the world around you!

I celebrated my first mother’s day as your mom, and it was awesome. You slept perfectly all night, gave me a huge laugh when I went in your room to get you, then you and Dad cooked me breakfast, did the laundry and deep cleaned the kitchen. I love you guys!IMG_0834

You are about to go with us on your first big vacation out of the country! We had to get you a passport and everything! I can’t wait to play and splash in the water and enjoy lots of stress-free time with you and dad!

You are growing up so fast, buddy. You are really looking more and more like a little boy than a baby.  You make me laugh and smile every single day. You are the light of my life, I am so glad I get to be your mom!

I am excited to see what this next month brings. Until then.. thanks for being so sweet. I love you.IMG_0640



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