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A Coffee Cake Banana Bread Recipe, A Weight-loss Rant & A WellnessFX Reminder

February 24, 2014


I am actually sort of embarrassed to admit how much of this I ate this weekend. But it’s sooooooo good.

Here’s the Coffee Cake Banana Bread recipe that I used.  I made 2 loaves of it this weekend. We ate 1 loaf in approximately 24 hours.

PaleOMG gets 5 stars on this one from me again! Man, I love her site. Her recipes are always spot on!

banana bread will not help you in your weight-loss

photo source: PaleOMG


 This is directed at no one in particular, I just get pushed to promote and suggest this stuff all the time.

I do not believe that a weight-loss shake, pill, drop, fruit chew, dissolvable powder, etc. will ever be solely to thank for your long-term, healthy weight loss. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times people/clients have asked me to suggest a weight-loss _____(fill in the blank). I don’t have any. Drinking “fortified milk shakes” for lunch every day is not going to help you healthily lose that 20 pounds. Shaking a fat-burning seasoning on every food that goes into your mouth is not going to help you “tone up.” Chemicals, fake, low-quality ingredients, stimulants…the list goes on about what’s in all this junk. Also, most of the programs accompanying your weight-loss supplement are based on lowering your calorie intake. Well DUH you’re going to lose weight if you greatly reduce your calorie intake!! Then, when the magical company starts telling your to take your magical weight-loss thingy and then go for a 30 minute walk, all while you’re still eating a lower-quality diet, OF COURSE you’re going to lose weight!  C’mon man… (ESPN Sunday Countdown reference 😉 )

Save your money and put it towards buying PRODUCE and QUALITY MEAT and a GYM MEMBERSHIP (or classes with me!). Get moving every day and fuel your body with the food that satisfies and heals you, not makes you sicker. 

I am not against a supplemental protein powder from time to time (I love my SFH Coconut Fuel protein!!) but I would never want you to think that if you drink this protein for 3 meals per day, every day that it’s good for you. 


I ALWAYS love to remind you to get your blood/body analytics checked out through WellnessFX! They’re offering a 15% discount on top of a $10 credit through my special code. Once you put the package of choice in your cart, enter promo code “Valentine.” 

Check out my past posts about the WellnessFX process and see my test results: here, here, here, and here

P.S. Has anyone ever heard or tried Basis??? I’m very curious to try one! 

weight-loss aid

Here’s a brief description of Basis from their website:

“It’s a wrist-based health tracker and online personal dashboard designed to help people easily incorporate healthy habits into their daily routines.
Basis leverages four types of advanced sensors in its lightweight, customizable design to calculate steps taken, calories burned and sleep quality, as well as physiological metrics like heart rate.We help you set new health goals and automatically adjust weekly targets based on your progress. Using this flexible approach you’ll build healthy habits you can maintain for years.”
If you’re into Basis and want to purchase one– buy it through Amazon and use your Prime shipping! I love when companies allow consumers to do this!! 🙂

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