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A Pregnancy Modification Workout in my Reebok ZPumps!

April 14, 2015 All weekend I had the most intense craving for heavily buttered biscuits…I did not ever end up eating any biscuits, but seriously, the struggle was really real.

I’m getting bigger, y’all…now that I’m almost 6 months pregnant.

The time has come to modify almost every workout that I do. Some “normal” workout positions are downright uncomfortable and some are dangerous for the baby.

So, here’s a normal workout that I would see any given night at my circuit-training boot camp class:

pregnancy modification workout

And here’s how I would modify it:

pregnancy modification workoutRowing: The impact of running is extremely uncomfortable for me so anytime I see running in a workout, I hop on the rowing machine (or if there is a lot of rowing in the workout, I will jump on the Air Bike)


Squat Thrusts: I don’t feel great about my belly hitting the floor in the push up position of a normal burpee, so I do a modified version: the squat thrust. It’s identical to a burpee, except that I don’t do the “push-up” part of the burpee.

SquatthrustsStrict Overhead Presses: Handstands, handstand push ups, and basically any gymnastics-eque movement were my FAVORITE workout moves. Since becoming pregnant, I have stopped going upside down entirely (except that I did do some cartwheels last week!). The debate is still out as to whether going upside down while pregnant truly harms the baby, however, I made the decision not to risk it and have not gone upside down since finding out I was pregnant. (Some women continue doing the aforementioned upside-down movements and birth perfectly healthy babies, so for me, this was 100% a personal decision). So, to mimic the shoulder-press movement used in a handstand push up, I do strict overhead presses.OverheadpressFront Plank: Again, based on comfort, I had to give up sit-ups around Week 15 of my pregnancy. I physically felt like I was squishing the baby and now, at 23 weeks, laying down in a completely flat position is out of the question for me (I very quickly get dizzy and short of breath from laying in a supine position). In an effort to not totally give up on core strengthening movements, I hold a front plank for almost all sit ups or sit up-type movements in a workout.


 Step Ups: Much like with running, jumping (especially onto something) is not comfortable for me. The baby sits very low in my uterus and therefore most impactful movements create an intense sensation of the baby falling out. (While I know this is not possible, it’s still an incredibly uncomfortable feeling– so I avoid it as much as possible). Anytime box jumps are on the workout schedule, I modify the movement by stepping up on the box instead of jumping. (Side note: I am still doing double unders as they do not seem to bother me nearly as much as box jumping?!)

stepupsI plan to update it at the end of my pregnancy, but thus far, here’s a chart of my modifications:

pregnancy modification workoutSwitching gears a bit…perhaps you noticed the amazing shoes I don’t really ever take off, especially during my workouts? They’re the new Reebok ZPump Fusions and they are AMAZING! I can’t say enough good stuff about them! fusionsSnazzy, flexible, very well cushioned, extremely lightweight— they are perfect for the quick-moving, high speed workouts I do each week.

Z_Pump_Fusion_mens_group-01Reminiscent of the “pump up” basketball shoes of the 90’s, Reebok is at it again, but this time, with a very intelligent, and to me, well-designed functional fitness shoe. (Even though they are PERFECT for my circuit training workouts, the ZPump Fusions are specifically designed for running!) Check out THIS VIDEO to see how the ZPump Fusion technology works!

mqdXIsk5VQYlWhen I pump up my ZPumps (they have a little button you push to physically pump up your shoes!), I feel most of the difference in my arch. It really feels like there’s a fluffy cushion sitting right below my arch. During my workouts, the air really reduces the impact in my movements. When “pumped,” my ZPumps give my narrow, high-arched feet a very snug feel that makes me feel secure in my shoe without allowing a ton of excess movement (which helps me prevent pronation and rolled ankles). 

If you really want to love your shoes– and I mean- L-O-V-E them!– then the Reebok ZPump Fusions will be your shoe. 

Even though Reebok sent me a pair of these shoes to try, I would gladly pay for these shoes! They really are some of the most comfortable, supportive shoes I’ve worn in a long time. I coach classes & clients, run errands and work out in them– and everywhere I go, people ask me about them! Seriously folks, get you some ZPumps!


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