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A Time of Rest

July 12, 2013

We are all guilty of going too hard, doing too much, trying to fit everything possible into a 12-15 hour window in the day. I am SO bad at this, though. I stretch myself too thin.

Every day, I work at a full-time job, I study for the ACSM exam, participate in various civic/social/board member obligations, do some sort of housework, try to be a dutiful wife, write blog post(s), work out, prep meals and food…I could go on, but that would be annoying. This is not a post about me complaining. I love my life and am extremely happy with everything in it. I am exhausted, though.

Last week, I wrote of my current fitness plateau. My top reason for plateauing is that my mind is elsewhere. And it is! When I’m in Fit Camp, I’m think about how I need to fold the laundry in the dryer and remember to ask Mark about his day and the big meeting that he has prepped for. When I’m at work, I’m jotting down ideas for blog posts and trying to remember what chapter in my ACSM textbook that I scanned over right before going to bed last night. At home, I’m frantically trying to “catch up” on all the things that I didn’t get accomplished during the day because I was so distracted by everything else in my mind.

Then, on top of all of this chaos in my head, my Type A personality is making sure that I do all 483 things on my daily “to-do” list, perfectly. No mistakes, no do-overs, get it right the first time. Ugh. I’m  exhausted.. <– I hate saying this! I’ve said it twice in this post now! My inner voice always says to me: “I can handle everything. My life is great, what’s to be exhausted about?”

Well, my friends, the point of all of this is that I’m taking a 2 week rest to recharge. More like 1 week of complete rest and then another week of partial rest. Starting tomorrow, July 13, I am going to be totally disconnected. I’m allowing myself to be at peace with no work obligations (no emails!!!!!), no studying, no meal prep, no housework. I am going to be on vacation and I can’t remember the last time that I allowed myself total freedom from all of my responsibilities. Well, it’s happening. I may Instagram a picture or two, but other than that, it’s sionara social media! (I’ve pre-written a number of blog posts, so blog life will still go on, even without me in the picture! PLUS, I have 2 awesome guest writers who will be sharing their “stuff” with you next week!)

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The following week, Mark and I are headed to the mountains for Young Life camp. We will still be focusing on more important things than trustee meetings and voting on HOA rules but throughout the week I will gradually be turning back on email, planning a grocery shopping list for when we return, picking up where I left off in my ACSM studies, etc.

I will then re-enter the world–fresh, energized, excited, and ready to be get back to business.

Everyone needs this.


See you all on the flip side!


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