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About Me

My name is Amy. I’m a 30-something living on the beach in Northeastern Florida with my husband, Mark, and son, Hudson.

I’ve grown to be passionate about fitness and nutrition. So much so, that I’ve decided to make a career out of it. I am an American College of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer and my current training job as well as my absolute favorite way of getting fit and sweaty is through group circuit training at GO HQ. I am also specialized in nutrition through the Precision Nutrition program.

My blonde baby has big, kissable cheeks. #sweetcheeks #mylittlelove #baileybean #hudson #mybestbuddy #blowingbubbles #noexcemafornow #knockonwood
I survived today's running

In addition to circuit training, I love dancing, yoga, biking, hiking (in places other than Florida), and just about anything that involves a physical activity outdoors.

Outside of fitness, I enjoy cooking and baking.  Like I really enjoy it.

I also love practicing handstands, getting pedicures, and Pinterest projects. You could also say that I have an affinity for clothes and interior design. I think I love gardening, too. I haven’t done it enough to give it fair vote in the “love” category but I’m learning along and along that I have somewhere between a green and brown thumb. 


I started this blog in March 2013 because I wanted a creative outlet to share my love and continual learning about food, fitness, and being happy. Blogging has also provided me an excellent platform for holding myself accountable.

My relationship with food is really simple: if it makes me feel good and it tastes good, I eat it.

My relationship with fitness is also really simple: I make sure that whatever it is, it’s something I love and it’s fun.


 I’m excited to share my life journey and am always open to questions and feedback!

Please comment on any page or email me at GOwithAmy@gmail.com and I will be sure to respond!