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Baby Strong Workout

February 18, 2016

I know Mark and I are not the only ones who have long conversations about what we would do if we won the lottery…or even had a spare $10k lying around.

Among some nice, charitable deeds and paying off home and vehicle debt, we both agreed that we would build a sweet at-home gym. Just for giggles, when I am was about 56 months pregnant and feeling bigger than big, I started trying to figure out how to build one on a budget….well, since my budget was about $200, that didn’t go so well.

Fast forward to now and I find myself dreaming (again) of that at-home gym.

Just like every mom, I’ve started to struggle in the fitting-in-a-workout department. The will is there, but some days life seems to get in the way. 

I’m a huge believer, though, in “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” so when I was approached about trying out Baby Strong Workout, I jumped at the opportunity (literally!).

I’m happy to say that Baby Strong Workout is the most fun, easy-to-follow, no-equipment necessary workout tool for busy moms trying to stay active, fit, and strong– and it only cost $20 (with the discount code mentioned below!).

Baby Strong Workout is a set of cards featuring “mommy & me” exercises and customizable workouts for new moms. Invented by a mom and personal trainer, Baby Strong requires only mom + baby and is for mommies of all sizes, shapes and fitness levels

IMG_1410IMG_1411Now that Hudson needs constant entertainment (long gone are the days of gently rocking him in his bassinet while I type away on a blog post or work out at the gym), I need a fun way to incorporate the workouts I’m not getting as often at the gym all while hanging out at home with my little guy. Hudson LOVES my Baby Strong Workouts!IMG_1447baby strong workoutThe Baby Strong Workout is printed on a deck of laminated, ring-bound cards. These cards and ring are sturdy and durable so that they can be chewed on, drooled on, and played with without being destroyed.

I can’t share the actual workouts that I did, Baby Strong Workout had me sweating and Hudson smiling with every workout- seriously!baby strong workoutbaby strong workoutI also LOVED the fact that I could do all of these workouts outside- we try to get some fresh air at least once a day! Between taking long walks, doing the workout, then rolling around and playing in the grass afterward, Hudson and I got some serious Vitamin D!baby strong workoutbaby strong workoutbaby strong workoutAll of the workouts were clearly organized, demonstrated on the cards, and easy to follow. I love the flexibility and ease of working out that Baby Strong Workout provides!baby strong workoutNow, for the discount code! You can try Baby Strong Workout for yourself and save 20% with the discount code: “sweat pink” at checkout!

Let me know if you try it!

This post is sponsored by Baby Strong Workout and Fit Approach. All opinions – and the little guy– are my own! Thank you for your support!


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