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Bang Bang Buffalo Cauliflower & 5 Things You Need To Know

March 24, 2014

Hi friendly friends!

No joke, I found an amazing recipe for Bang Bang Buffalo Cauliflower (have you ever had Bang Bang Shrimp– holy yum!). It’s incredibly delicious. Mark and I made it to go along with our burgers last night and I can not recommend it to you enough!

bang bang buffalo cauliflower

Here’s the recipe: Bang Bang Buffalo Cauliflower Recipe

Switching gears, but on the topic of food, I have done a bit of reading and researching over these last couple of weeks on a number of nutrition topics for my St. Augustine Record column, for my upcoming nutritional weight loss program at my gym, and for this blog. I can’t write about every single thing that I learn, but I still feel that a lot of it is valuable enough for you to know— and how will you ever know things if someone doesn’t tell you?!

 Here are the short versions of 5 very important things that I’ve learned and want to pass on to you:

1. The FDA recently proposed changing food labels to require companies to list how much added sugar they put in their product! Along with a few other visual changes, food labels are improving! Read the full story and all the proposed changes here!

2. We’ve always heard that “getting some sun” will improve mood and make you a bit happier. Vitamin D supplementation alone, however, has now been proven to have very little effect on depression. An interesting scientific study was done at Columbia University to prove this. Read about it here!

3. Apple peels, orange peels, and beet greens are among some of the most nutritious parts of produce that we don’t eat! Find ways to work these and other notorious-for-being-thrown-away parts of fruits and vegetables into your meals! Check out all the things you’re throwing away and should be eating here!

4. Conditioning, physiological craving, and addiction are the top 3 reasons why we have food cravings. This is a really interesting article about cravings!

5. In a recent study, scientists found that Americans are most deficient in these 5 nutrients: potassium, calcium, fiber, Vitamin D, and iron. This SCREAMS to me— eat more vegetables, people!!!!

Have an amazing day!


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