Behold the Tetons! (Part 1)

April 3, 2013

Today is our first full day back from our family vacation in winter paradise Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We go there every year with Mark’s family to ski/snowboard, eat amazing food and hang out as a family.

The Teton Mountains-- aren't they beautiful?!

The Teton Mountains– aren’t they beautiful?!

In order to keep from rambling, I’m going to give a very brief summary of each day of our trip:


Day 1: Flight & Arrival

We loaded up our gear and hopped on a plane at the crack of dawn. I believe it was something like 5am when the plane took off. I guess my body thinks that when I wake up in the morning that I need to eat breakfast no matter what time it is– hence my 5am meal on the plane:

The best option I could find in the airport so early in the morning

The best option I could find in the airport so early in the morning

The early flight was worth it though when we arrived in Jackson by noon.

It is so hard to fully capture the beauty of Jackson Hole, Wyoming yet my husband has an incredible eye for it all. He started taking pictures the moment we stepped off of the plane.

Photographer extraordinnaire

Photographer extraordinnaire

We ate lunch at a little cafe in the town square and then proceeded to stock up on some groceries for the week and check into our gorgeous rental house directly located on the Grand Teton mountain. This location was extra awesome because we could board or ski right out of our back door.

Then, so that we could get an early start the next day, we went ahead and rented our boots, skis and boards from the rental shop at the bottom of the mountain.

Once evening hit, the kids (2 fifteen year olds and a ten year old) of the group were excited to order pizza and run around the house, so the adults took full advantage and headed down the mountain to the Four Season for some drinks and small dinner. We listened to live music, sat outside by a fire for sunset and had some great life discussions. I loved kicking off our trip this way!

Day 2: Skiing/Snowboarding Commences

About to board it up!

About to board it up!

We skiied/snowboarded and played in the snow until about 1pm. We ate lunch at The Handle Bar, a swanky outdoor bar/restaurant at the foot of the mountain in the Four Seasons. I had some killer elk chili and Coke in an old-fashioned bottle. After lunch, I’m not sure if it was the change in time zones, altitude or day of snowboarding, but I was sleeeeeepy! I headed to our house for a quick shower then dove into bed for a nap.  I love vacation naps…not a worry (or alarm) in the world….

After waking up from my nap, we had some family time over hors d’oeuvres and wine and then headed into town for dinner at the most spectacular sushi restaurant called Nikai.  Their sushi is out of this world, the atmosphere is low-key and relaxing and they have these coconut margarita drinks that, when you’re not worrying about calories, are a dessert in themselves.

After dinner, we were stuffed and tired so we headed to bed early!

Day 3: Elk Reserve Wagon Ride

This day of our trip was Easter! We went to a beautiful and incredibly welcoming Presbyterian church in Jackson Hole. I absolutely loved it!

Following church, Mark and I took everyone out to the Four Seasons for an Easter brunch. It was so nice to have yet another yummy meal with the family.

After lunch and a quick change of clothes, we drove to The Jackson Hole Visitor’s Center  for a Elk Reserve tour. We were picked up and whisked off to in open air wagon and led to the middle of a huge expanse of land on the reserve. Our cowboy guide gave us a ton of information about elk, bison and wolves. It was incredibly interesting. Did you know that in order to prevent wolves from smelling (aka eating) their babies, mama elks will instinctually lick their babies from head to toe the second that they are born??


I loved every second of the experience and greatly recommend taking an Elk Reserve tour if you’re ever in Jackson Hole.

The restaurant we visited for dinner this night came HIGHLY recommended from everyone we asked, Trio. I ordered an amazing New York Strip Steak for dinner but the true highlight of the meal was the “starter” plate of Blue Cheese Waffle Fries. Holy yum! Crispy, warm waffle fries with melted bleu cheese drizzled all over all of the fries. Seriously, these were the best fries that I’ve ever eaten!

By Day 3, all of these “cheat meals” left me feeling extremely bloated and uncomfortably gluttonous. All those excess calories were definitely catching up with me. To combat these feelings the slightest bit, I did a squat/push-up/run-up-the-stairs workout but had to cut my workout in half because the altitude did some seriously damage on my breathing abilities. I did however, complete 50 squats–which also completed my Squat Challenge for the month of March….more on this later…

50 squats and 25 lunges everyday (except Sundays) for the month of March

50 squats and 25 lunges everyday (except Sundays) for the month of March

Mark and I watched the season finale of The Walking Dead and fell asleep the second if ended.

Days 4-5  to follow…



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