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Behold the Tetons (Part 2)

April 8, 2013

Day 4:  Last day of ‘boarding

By this part of the trip, we were all a little banged up, sore and tired. The weather was becoming particularly warm (this day of the trip it was 52 degrees!) so the snow was melting and not great for skiing and snowboarding.


We spent the morning riding the mountain as much as we could, then spent the afternoon doing laundry, packing, cleaning up and returning our gear. Mark and I stopped in town for a couple gifts for our friend who was pet-sitting our guinea pig, Otis, and then headed to dinner at Spur. There I had THE spiciest margarita (Jackson Hole’s specialty drink at all restaurants seems to be this jalapeño-infused margarita) and could hardly drink half of it. Then we indulged (one last time before heading back to the real world!) on sweet potato fries and burgers. It was an amazing end to the good eating on vacation.

Me and our sweet Otis the guinea pig

Me and our sweet Otis the guinea pig

We had to wake up really early (again!) to catch our flight, so an early bedtime was absolutely necessary.

Day 5: Home again!

After a full day of flying (with no healthy food options), Mark an I inadvertently fasted for about 18 hours and were exceptionally hungry on our way home from the airport. We stopped at Whole Foods for dinner and some “quick” groceries. Then, we picked up Otis from our friend’s house, dropped the luggage on the ground and fell into bed.


I <3 Mark!

I <3 Mark


Lots of great family memories

Lots of great family memories

All in all, it was one of the best family trips that we’ve ever taken! We LOVE LOVE LOVE Jackson Hole and can’t wait until next year’s trip!


We’ve spent the last 4 days adjusting back to our timezone (aka getting back on our normal sleep cycle!), getting on track at work and amping up our clean eating again. After our Whole Foods visit upon our return from our trip, we found ourselves still needing some odds and ends so between laundry, cleaning and catching up on the DVR, we grabbed a few things. One word of advice on this– today is Sunday. NEVER EVER go to the grocery store on a Sunday. Cranky kids…bewildered moms…empty shelves… Ok, rant over. ‘Night!

The odds and ends that we desperately needed

The odds and ends that we desperately needed

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