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Beyond Excited

January 26, 2015

Can you believe it? A new post! Ha!

I know, I know, I’ve pretty much been M.I.A. for the last 2+ months…ugh. More on this later…

I also haven’t been posting many meals or workouts…ugh. More on this later…

BUT, hopefully this is about to change…I’m baaaaack!

This post is going to be 3 parts:

  • My new day in the life.
  • Why there have been no meal plan or workout postings.
  • Why I’ve been M.I.A.

My New Day in the Life:

4:45am: Open my eyes, tell myself it’s going to be a phenomenal day. Flip through Instagram.

5:00am: Try not to throw up. 

5:04am: Make some warm lemon salt water, put on my work gym clothes, brush my teeth. 

5:20am: Try not to throw up. Cry a little and sit on the floor by the toilet and contemplate giving up on everything in life, curling up on a ball on the couch and not moving for roughly the next 3,988 days.

5:35am: Pull myself together, take a B12 supplement and head out the door to coach my first class of the day.

6am-10:00am: Coach clients, try not to throw up, eat constant nibbles of something salty (usually some sort of roasted nut), drink about 6 gallons of water <<<not really, but it feels like it.

10:30am-12:30pm: Drive home, put pajamas on as fast as possible, answer emails, write St. Augustine Social blog posts, clean the morning dishes, make the bed, fold laundry, vacuum, try not to throw up. Eat a couple bites of cereal, Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin toast with almond butter, or basically anything else bread-y and carb-y.

12:30pm: Talk to Mark while he eats lunch. Usually this is when I eat a small bowl of yogurt with some fresh blueberries and take my multiple supplements.

1:30pm: Take a nap

2:30pm: Write workouts for my evening classes, talk to Otis, listen to Pandora, cry over a sad love song, walk to the mailbox, try not to throw up, nibble on 2 Late July Sea Salt chips.

3:30pm: Pull myself back together (again), put my gym clothes back on & get my game face on, drive back to the gym to coach my evening classes.

4:15-7:30ishpm: Coach. (Try not to throw up). Drink about 3 gallons of water. <<<again, not really

8pm: Try not to throw up and gag while I think of something to throw together for Mark to eat for dinner ( I generally eat something bland for dinner. A piece of toast, a couple spoonfuls of plain, white rice, or 1/2 of a banana), shower, tell myself over and over to try to stay awake for one more hour.

9pm: Try very, very hard to make it through one TV show on the couch with Mark; usually I fall asleep.

Why There Have Been No Meal Plan or Workout Posts:

 No meal plans? The easiest answer is because I have been living off things like this:

FullSizeRender 2


FullSizeRender 4

FullSizeRender 5


I hate saying this, but my desire (despite what I know I should be eating) for vegetables and meat is completely gone (except in the form of the pizza pictured above!). The thought and smell of meat cooking and vegetables steaming makes me uncontrollably gag.

And my workouts…well, I attend Fit Camp classes 3 times per week and take roughly an hour walk on the days that I don’t attend Fit Camp. Other than that, let’s be honest, my desire for a nap is waaaaaay stronger than my desire to work out.  So, other than what I write for my gym classes and clients, I have written no original workouts for myself. There is too much brain power required to come up with a challenging and motivating-enough workout for myself at this time.

FullSizeRender 2


Why I’ve Been M.I.A:

I’m reducing stress and taking lots of opportunities to rest. Blogging has been the only thing on my daily to-do list that is not a necessity. So, unfortunately, it was the thing to temporarily go.

The good news is, though, I’m back and ready to regularly write again (probably 1-2 posts per week)! 


In case you haven’t figured it out, Mark and I are thrilled to be having a bambino!


Baby Bailey will be completing our family in August 2015!

We are ecstatic and happier than ever dreaming up fun adventures for our new family of 3!

I’m dealing with a serious bout of morning all-day sickness and utter exhaustion. Growing a human is hard work and I’m doing my best to embrace what I’m going through instead of fighting it. Mark has been an incredibly supportive husband- making sure I’m able to rest on the weekends, scratching my back, giving me lots of hugs, and trying to cook me anything and everything that may remotely sound appetizing. I am BEYOND blessed to have him! 


Being pregnant is an amazing thing and, while I’ve felt pretty cruddy the last 12 or so weeks, I’m finally on an upswing and having glimmers of what most pregnant women in their second trimester feel- beautiful and blissful!

Cheers to beautiful and blissful days ahead!


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