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Birthdays, Business Trips, & Bison

June 12, 2013

Whoa. It’s been a while since I’ve written…I’ve been quite busy.

Mark’s birthday was last weekend…we ate Paleo, drank Sangria, smiled, reminisced and truly spent a ton of time with the people who care the most about Mark. It was an amazing weekend and, even though it wasn’t my birthday, my heart felt so full and happy.




Then, the birthday fun was over as I jetted off to Denver for a work meeting. It was a complete business trip so I didn’t actually get to do anything except sit in meetings all day. (BLAH!). I didn’t exactly plan my meals well either (I didn’t eat anything prior to my 9:30am flight out of FL and forgot all about the 2 hour time difference) so by the time dinner came around, I was SO HUNGRY. Thank goodness the restaurant of choice for dinner was Ted’s Montana Grill. I chowed down on a bison burger (minus the buns) and about half of my fries. I drank 3 glass of water and immediately felt the sleepiest that I’d ever been. (Well, maybe not ever, but I was sleepy!) I called Mark and then called it a night.


I woke up at 5:30am (Colorado time) this morning and did a quick 20 minute hotel room workout. My room was enormous so I had more than enough room to jump around.



There’s a space between push-ups and scissor kicks because I was originally going to do 5 burpees per set, but I knew the person staying directly below me and was afraid that I would disturb them by jumping.

I grabbed a quick breakfast (hotel fruit and some dandelion tea) and have been in the remainder of my meetings all day.

Now it’s some catch-up time while I wait for my flight then I’m back home with Mark and Otis. I’m ready to be home,



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