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October 11, 2013

Currently, I’m wearing: My lululemon sweat pants and a tee. I started writing this blog post the moment I woke up this morning, so it was early and was not time for big girl clothes yet…

currently wearing

My current triumph: I’m an employed trainer with amazingly cool clients. I literally wake up celebrating both of those things every day!

Current bane of my existence:  My recent extreme forgetfulness and unassisted pull-ups….ugh, both make me so incredibly frustrated.

currently struggling with pull ups

Currently, I’m reading: A bunch of health magazines and Pottery Barn catalogues for fun—I get ideas for our future house. My Precision Nutrition textbook for school.

Current guilty pleasure: Booking and planning my dream trips for 2014 (Paleofx & SeaWheeze 2014 anyone???)

currently planning

currently wanting to go to Seawheeze

Currently, I’m wishing for: A pedicure, a massage, and a weekend that I’m not obligated to do anything

Currently, I need: A haircut, a hug, and more patience

Currently, I’m indulging in: Not much. For now, we’re on a strict budget so my biggest indulgences are taking a long shower and turning on the AC at night.

Current blessing(s): Too, too many to list. Top of my list, though, is having Brandon and Jessica as incredibly wise and patient mentors, having the ability to do something I love as a job, the sweet women that I coach in my Monday/Wednesday small group class, Mark & Otis, and the cooler weather. And I’m always extremely blessed to have good health. Yes I work hard to be healthy, but some people don’t even get that choice, no matter what they do. I do not take my health for granted. 

currently coaching awesome ladies

Currently I’ve been saying: “Bless you heart”–I’m southern and totally over all the rude people out there.

currently saying: bless your heart

Have an amazing and incredible Friday!!!


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