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Day in The Life {almost 9 months}

May 11, 2016

Hudson is 4 days shy of being 9 months old. I’m not sure how I’ve kept a little human alive that long. Don’t get me wrong, that whole “it will come to you” thing about motherhood is definitely true, but some days, I still feel like giving myself a couple of high-fives for successfully navigating all the unknowns.

For example, Hudson had his first 2 teeth come through! Yay! It is great…however, he’s clingy, has a very slight fever that comes and goes, whines in pain and has a little teething rash on his face. If this had been 3 or 4 months ago, I would have worried about the fever, cried because I needed some personal space and convinced myself that he was having an eczema outbreak. Now, I give the kid some baby Tylenol, rock and nurse with no expectations of getting anything done, do my best to get through our few hours at the gym, and keep his rash moist and try not to pick at it (it’s not eczema…just part of teething!).

It’s all about the process, right?!

Here’s the last day in the life post I wrote…so fast forward 4 months and here’s what yesterday (and a lot of our days) looked like:

7:00am- Hudson and I both wake up at the same time. I put Hudson in bed with us around 6am and snuggled with him. He was whining and moaning and clearly in pain…I felt so bad for the little guy. 

7:05-8:30am- Change and dress Hudson for the day, Change and dress myself for the day. Pour coffee and a glass of water, make a smoothie bowl. Nurse while drinking my coffee and water. Load Hudson and myself in the car, pile in all of our stuff and my liquids and off we go to work! IMG_0767

8:45am-11:30am- Work, work, work at the gym!

11:45am- We come home for lunch. Hudson fell asleep in the car on the way home so I leave the door open and let the birds and the breeze keep him sleeping. I answer some emails, prep dinner, fold a load of laundry, and make lunch. (Those are leftovers in the picture below, by the way. We don’t usually have steak for lunch!)IMG_0627

12:00pm- Mark comes home to eat lunch. Hudson is still sleeping so we catch up and talk about everything that we have going on during the upcoming weekend.

12:30pm- Hudson wakes up so he nurses then he and Mark play and wrestle on the couch and in the floor for the remainder of Mark’s lunch break…all while I scramble around trying to get odds and ends put away.IMG_0446

1:00pm- Mark heads back to work and I take over playing on the floor with Hudson. We roll around, scoot, throw things, sing, and bang measuring cups on the floor. We also spend a few minute “pulling up.” He gets so proud of himself when he does this! Hudson is so fun right now and I love how happy he is when we play with him! IMG_0633

2:00pm- Time to clean the kitchen from lunch and start getting us ready to head out the door again! Hudson snacks on a baby food pouch and I snack on some fresh berries and coconut milk.IMG_0604IMG_0354

3:00pm- We go for a power walk. I’m sleepy and need to do something to wake myself up. I’m also hoping some extra sunshine (Vitamin D) will help clear up Hudson’s teething rash. Hudson naps for our entire power walk.IMG_0642

3:45pm- I change us both out of our sweaty clothes, we nurse then load back up and head back to work. 

4:00pm-7:00pm- Work and a workout!

7:00pm- Mark started dinner, so when Hudson and I return home, Mark takes over Hudson duties and I finish dinner. (Almond flour pasta, grilled chicken, homemade pesto, and spinach. I could eat this every night– it’s heavenly!)IMG_0579

7:30pm- Mark, Hudson, and I sit down to eat dinner.

8:00pm- While Mark cleans the dishes I start Hudson’s bedtime routine. Bath, pajamas, nurse, lights out!IMG_0453

8:30pm- As soon as I lay Hudson down, I immediately jump on my computer to squeeze in 30 minutes of work: planning the next day’s workouts for my clients, admin work, prepping social media stuff, replying to emails, organizing blog contracts and posts, etc…

9:00pm- Mark and I hang out, watch tv, prep for the next day, talk about stuff…I love this time with him!

11:00pm- Goodnight!


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