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An Early Thanksgiving That I Like to Call Steaksgiving…

November 10, 2014

Disclosure: I received a restaurant gift card and Visa gift card to be used to buy the ingredients needed for the recipes below. Both gift cards were from Longhorn Steakhouse in exchange for participating in the Fall Into Flavor Blogger Challenge.

A few weeks ago Longhorn Steakhouse reached out to me to participate in a virtual Steaksgiving! I was to create a fun fall-inspired recipe or two and be part of a virtual Steaksgiving. I love steak and the idea of a non-traditional Thanksgiving… so, in the spirit of always being thankful, Mark and I planned to celebrate an early Thanksgiving centered around steak and a couple new takes on familiar fall dishes.

As soon as I knew I was going to take part in a new recipe challenge, I knew I was going to need some inspiration. Sure enough, my creative juices starting flowing after a recent date night at Longhorn Steakhouse where I tried some things off of their seasonal Fall Peak Season menu.

I ordered the Harvest Mushroom Filet and the Potato and Leek Au Gratin. Both were incredible!steaksgiving steaksgiving


I love a good filet and this one totally lived up to all of my expectations. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I fully appreciated mushrooms on a good steak–this steak has 3 (!!) types of mushrooms and a beautiful, rich bordelaise sauce on top. (Bordelaise is a red-wine based sauce with butter and shallots). I had to fork-stab Mark about 6 times to keep him from eating all of my steak. The Harvest Mushroom Filet is so, so so, so delicious!

As for the Potato And Leek Au Gratin– leeks are not usually my go-to vegetable of choice (when was the last time you were excited to eat a leek?!), however, this cheesy, gooey, comfort-y dish was insanely good. Fall veggies, cheese, bacon, and parmesan breadcrumbs, all together in one dish, is practically my new love language. I HIGHLY recommend trying it the next time you’re at Longhorns!


In an effort to be healthier and mostly gluten-free, I chose to re-invent my Steaksgiving meal at home with a tad bit healthier and gluten-free, dairy-free menu:


I rubbed my ribeye with Longhorn’s Prairie Dust seasoning, pan seared the outside of the steaks with a little butter, then baked the steaks in the oven until they reached medium-temperature perfection. While the ribeyes were cooking, I whipped up the dairy-free cream sauce: 

FullSizeRender 5

First I fried the bacon until it was very crispy and removed it from the pan. Then I drained a tiny bit of the grease (but still left a generous amount of grease in the pan). I sautéed the mushrooms in the bacon grease. Once the mushrooms were beginning to get soft, I poured a can of full-fat organic coconut milk into the pan with the mushrooms. I stirred the mushrooms and coconut milk around, chopped the bacon into rough pieces and put it back into the pan then added just over a teaspoon of both dried mustard and white pepper (to overshadow a bit of the coconut flavor). Finally, I took the mixture off of the heat and let it cool…aka “thicken up.”




I kept the sauce thick and warm until I was ready to plate my steak. Next, I was on to making my favorite part of every Thanksgiving meal…

The sweet potato casserole–with marshmallows on top! For a healthier (and really easy!) spin on this dish, I felt inspired to add very chunky homemade applesauce (along with a generous amount of cinnamon) to my whipped sweet potatoes. Once plated, I topped the sweet potato/apple mixture with crushed pecans and coconut chips. 

My boiled sweet potato

My boiled sweet potatoes

Whipped to perfection!

Whipped to perfection!

Right before I mash my cooked apples...

Right before I mashed my cooked apples…

Last, I steamed my broccoli. This was, by far, the easiest side dish to make while packing some big flavor. Using my steamer, I added 3 cloves of diced garlic plus 3 sprigs of fresh rosemary and some salt and pepper to the water used to steam the broccoli. Then, once the broccoli was done steaming, I added a clove of minced garlic on top of the plated broccoli.

Waaa laaa:


This was a HUGE portion— this plate gave me dinner and 1 1/2 lunches!

All 3 parts of our Steaksgiving were incredibly warm and flavorful and filling. It was definitely a fun meal to share with Mark. We made our Steaksgiving into a Friday night at-home date night: Steaksgiving dinner, movie and wine. 


 I’m really grateful to have participated in this blogger challenge. I’m also grateful for at-home date nights and always having food in my pantry and in my refrigerator. 🙂 🙂

Have a fantastic day!


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