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March 25, 2013

Mark and I tend to eat a diet loosely based around Paleo. We originally thought it would be almost impossible for us to find quality meats, eggs and produce (we live in a very small town), however, we did our homework and found it to be quite easy. Many of our friends say to us on a pretty regular basis “I would eat healthier, but I just don’t have time (or insert “enough money”)…” so, here are my tips for staying on track and keeping things simple:

1. Shop for the month: Generally, we order enough grass-fed meat for the month from US Wellness Meats. They deliver right to your door and have an excellent variety of meats and other goodies to choose from. We also hit up Costco once a month for staples like coconut oil, raw nuts, almond butter, organic eggs, and as much organic produce as we can buy and eat before it goes bad.

We go to our local grocery store every couple of weeks to “fill in the gaps”- more fresh produce, almond milk, baking goods, etc. But rarely do I go to the grocery store every week.

We usually order our meat and go to Costco on the first Saturday of every month and I usually have to go to the grocery store for a quick trip on the 3rd Saturday. That’s it. It saves us a bunch of time!

2. Use a crockpot: Mark and I both have full-time jobs and a handful of extracurriculars so ease of cooking is a huge factor for us!  At least twice per week we chop up about 3-4 different types of veggies, throw them, whatever broth we have on hand, and whatever meat we’re in the mood for into the crock pot and eat 4-ish meals off of it.

3. Plan your meals on a week-to-week basis: Mark and I share an online calendar so we input our meals every single week. This way, there’s no guessing or decisions to be made and we always have good meals to look forward to. We also do this to ensure that we use all of the food that we buy. I mostly scour blogs and Paleo recipe books for ideas, but sometimes I just make up my own.

4.  Buy the best quality food that you can find (and afford): Did you see one of my personal goals from my earlier post? We’re working very hard to get out of debt! This month, for example, we did not order meat, but instead bought organic meat from Costco. It was much cheaper this way, but we constantly talk about how we can taste quite a difference. Also, it’s pretty well known that you can get away with buying some conventional produce while organic is pretty much the way to go for others. Here’s the list that I go by: print me!


We had Fit Camp last night. Fit Camp is a group circuit training class that Mark and I are in love with. Cardio, plyometrics, TRX, weight lifting, mobility and technique training are part of every single class. I’ve never worked out harder in my life…and I love it. Here was our workout (It was KILLER!):



Because it was almost impossible for us to even walk to our cars after this workout, this was definitely one of those nights where we needed the easiest meal plan possible:

Tonight’s meal:

Crockpot pulled pork

Organicsville Original BBQ Sauce (Costco now carries it!!!)

Steamed green beans

a handful of Paleo granola (for fat and my sweet tooth)

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