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My Eating Plan Includes Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

December 2, 2013

I don’t know about you, but it has been hard to get groovin’ this morning. Four mornings of sleeping in will do that to you. So will this flipping’ cold/sickness thing that Mark and I have fought since Thanksgiving. Cheers to peppermint tea, staying in PJs, and coughing on people (sorry if you were one of those unfortunate few!).

I’ve been slowly on the mend for the last 36ish hours…steadily getting better and having more energy. So, yesterday, instead of folding laundry, like I should have done, I chose to play with my new mixer and dance in the kitchen. Duh.

For this week’s Sunday Treat, I made Raspberry Shortbread Thumbprint Cookies. Note: these are just slightly larger than bite-size and easily eaten by the tens. You have been warned.

I came across the recipe for these Thumbprint Cookies on the very amazing Gluten-Free Desserts app. They’re probably the easiest Christmas-esque cookie you could make. They look pretty and are a basic cookie that will please most palettes.  They’re the kind of cookie that can be made at the last minute for the office Christmas party that you forgot that you signed up to bring a dessert to.

eating plan- thumbprint cookie dough

eating plan- adding almond flour

eating plan- cookie dough

eating plan- thumbprints in cookies

eating plan- strawberry preserves

I didn’t have any raspberry preserves on hand, so I used strawberry instead!

eating plan- cookies being filledNOTE: Don’t do what I did on this batch and bake them for too long. They’re still totally edible, they just look funny. I got carried away putting dishes in the dishwasher and forgot to check on them. Oops…

eating plan- flat cookiesOn the topic of sweets and eating, I have had about 4 clients/co-workers ask me if they should even attempt an “eating plan” during the holidays. What I think they’re asking is if they have my permission to eat whatever they want.

My answer is: make your own do-able eating plan and stick to it. You should not plan to abstain from all holiday food. You will eventually, after a day or two, give in and binge on your mom’s chicken pot pie, Christmas cookies, and eggnog…and then you’ll feel guilty. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Instead, here’s more of what I suggest:

(this is my personal holiday eating plan)

  • Eat whatever the heck you want– in moderation, of course 🙂
    • Do your absolute best to fill your plate with 50% veggies (mashed potatoes don’t count!), 25% protein, and 25% of the sweet, salty, buttery, and fried stuff.
    • Drink a ton of water. With more salt and sugar intake than usual, it’s good to keep the fluids flown’.
  • Do your best to keep up with your workouts. Remember all that hard work you did to look good on the beach this summer?! Yeah, don’t undo all that by letting that muscle tone go! And add in a long walk or two each week. They don’t cost anything, burn a few extra calories, and help clear your head. Win-win-win!
  • Only indulge in sweets once per day.
    • If I eat a couple Godiva chocolates at the office, I don’t eat dessert after dinner….you get the idea.
  • Don’t have food guilt!! Just because you ate an indulgent meal doesn’t mean your night should be spent picking yourself apart and looking in the mirror to see if all that cheesecake and wine is showing up in your arms. One meal isn’t going to pack on those excess pounds–it’s the overly indulgent meals day after day that do that.

See! It’s not so bad!

I’m off to work!

Have a beautiful day!


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