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Exciting News for St. Augustine Women!!!!

June 2, 2017

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am that a women’s wellness center is opening AND that I get to be part of it!

Something that I’m sure that most local moms can agree with me on is that our awesome town is seriously lacking prenatal, pregnant, and post-natal care! Yes, there are plenty of doctors, but what about overall wellness support?

I’m talking about a place where fitness is specially modified for the various stages of motherhood, you can get nutrition education and on-site healthy snacks, social support, childbirth education, lactation support, a medical professional to ask questions, all while our little ones play and learn together in a Montessori-inspired environment….Yes ladies, this is opening THIS SUMMER here in St. Augustine!

(I will be sharing more about my involvement in the very near future!)

I’m very, very honored to be involved with Well Women 360 and am extremely proud of the founder, Lorraine Searle, and her efforts to meet this critical need!

Lorraine is extremely special to me because she is the midwife that delivered Hudson! 

I can’t say enough great stuff about her, but, in case you’re interested in her credentials (and where her soothing accent comes from), here ya go:

Lorraine is an Advanced Registered Nurse practitioner. She attended Philadelphia University where she earned her Masters of Health Science and her Certified Nursing and Midwifery certificate in 2011.

Prior to moving to Florida, Lorraine worked as a registered nurse and midwife in the U.K. and attained her BSc from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2006.

Lorraine has many years of experience of facilitating choices that women make, has worked in both the hospital and community setting, where she has attended many deliveries and gained a valuable knowledge and skill set. A relationship built on trust, safety and recognizing the importance of individual choices for women and their families leads to healthy and fulfilled outcomes.

Lorraine is a trained Montessori teacher, licensed in childbirth education and exercise in pregnancy.

Well Women 360 will be opening in summer of 2017 in a stand-alone building located in the heart of St Augustine, allowing easy access for residents of St Augustine and surrounding areas.

The center will provide pregnancy education, fitness instruction, a relaxation area providing spa facilities and an area for mom’s to meet, with a nursing area where support can be obtained. The facility will have a healthy nutrition bar and Montessori inspired infant toddler supervised learning area.

Well Women 360 will be a facility within our community that aims to provide all-inclusive group and personalized classes in a relaxed and friendly environment for women to pursue all round physical and psychological wellness throughout the journey of pregnancy and the post delivery period.

To learn more about Well Women 360 please e mail us at: or phone 904-342-8118 (website coming soon!!!)

Address: 240 San Marco Ave Saint Augustine (currently undergoing renovation with a projected opening in July, 2017.)


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