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August 8, 2013

OMG. I haaaate when I read skin tips in magazines that say things like: “drink plenty of water to cleanse your skin and get a clear complexion” or “minimize your sun exposure.” I mean, c’mon…..I drink 85 oz. of water per day and I still get breakouts from time to time. And, about the sun exposure thing, I get it- but I live in FLORIDA! Wear sunscreen everyday and live your life!

I don’t know much about skin stuff at all, but I do know what works for me. I get asked somewhat frequently about products that I use, so here ya go:

1) I used to go to an esthetician that told me the very best advice that she could ever give me was to ALWAYS wash sweat off of my face. Sweat apparently traps whatever other gunk is already on your face into your pores and causes a host of ugly problems. Florida is extremely hot, I work out a bunch, and I dance around my house almost daily so I’m usually a very sweaty person and this hit home with me. I carry Burt’s Bees pre-moistened facial cleansing towelettes (I just call them face wipes) in my gym bag and in my car so that I always have something to wipe my sweaty face with. They smell really good and get the job done. I buy mine at Target, but you can get these are pretty much any drug store.


2) Just to double-check that I got all the day’s residue off of my face, I always use a non-alcohol based toner at night. I always use the brand Nuance’s Cucumber & Rosewater Dual Phase Makeup Remover. It is hypoallergenic and calming–it’s formulated with chamomile and lavender extracts, along with cucumber, rosewater, and glycerin. It’s refreshing and does not dry out my skin! I buy mine at CVS!


3) You fancy people might not have a problem spending $15 on seaweed-extract body scrubs, but I think that’s ridiculous. You’re paying for something that literally washes down the drain. (I’d rather spend my $$ on lululemon and grass-fed meat…I’m just saying…) Don’t get me wrong, though, I love a good body scrub…so I use normal sugar. I just fill a measuring cup up with the stuff and bring it in the shower with me.  Sugar is actually good for the skin when it is applied topically (you can look up all the stuff that’s out there about this) and is one of the key ingredients in most of the high-end, high-priced scrubs out there. The sugar I use is about $4/lb and I order it from Amazon:


4) After all this wiping and scrubbing, my skin gets really tight and dry. Coconut oil has been my skin’s lifesaver. For something like $16 at Costco, I can buy 54 oz. of Carrington Farms coconut oil and slather it all over my face and body for a good 3 months. I used to be incredibly loyal to Aveeno face and body lotions, however, for a product that is more effective, natural, and less expensive, I gladly switched (sorry Aveeno- I still love you and buy just about everything else you make!). I literally have never had softer skin and even though it’s an oil, coconut oil soaks in really quickly and does not feel greasy at all. I love, love, love the stuff!


5) I absolutely, no matter what, try to never get much sun on my face. If I’m at the beach or outside for an extended period of time, no joke, I wear SPF 70 sunscreen (Aveeno Protect + Hydrate to be exact!). With that being said, my face is about a shade whiter than the rest of by body. It’s actually very weird looking—but hey, I won’t have wrinkles when I’m 30! To combat my whiteness, I use bronzer everyday. I stick to good-ole drugstore stuff for the most part, but occasionally splurge on some Nars or Mac bronzer a couple of times a year. My go-to drugstore bronzer is Physicians Formula, specifically Mineral Wear Airbrush Pressed Bronzer. It’s natural, light (not cakey), not glittery, and a perfect shade for my skin tone.



Honestly, it has taken almost 27 years for me to figure out my own skin. The best advice I have is: don’t spend a ton of money if you don’t have to (that pretty much goes with anything in life), keep it simple, and drink lots of water. Just kidding about the water thing.  Play around with a bunch of different things and go with what works for you!

Happy skin=happy person. No one says that and that’s really lame….

Tomorrow’s Friday! Get happy y’all!



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