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FLBLogCon, A Workout and Carrot Cake Waffles

September 23, 2013

Hiiii friends!

I had a very busy weekend so it fleeeeew by! My entire Saturday was spent at Full Sail University in Orlando, FL at FLBlogCon (A shortened version of Florida Bloggers Conference). The day was chock full of networking opportunities, seminars and yummy food from Bahama Breeze. I met some seriously amazing ladies from around the state (as well as from St. Augustine- shout out to YOU, Meaghan!) and learned SO much! It was an amazing day in blog world.

FLBlogCon seminar

networking at FLBlogCon

Networking with Kelly from Healthy Living Revelations

lunch at FLBlogCon

Lunch from Bahama Breeze! Shrimp & grits, salad and green beans!

Sunday morning came very quickly. My weekend to-do list seemed to be 13 times longer than usual so I needed a stick-with-you breakfast to make it through all my tasks for the day. Mark and I follow a cool, Atlanta-based blog called Stir It Up! and as we both perused her site yesterday morning, we both wholeheartedly decided that her Carrot Cake Waffles needed to happen. They were chock full of every flavor that makes you think “Fall” (by the way- it’s now officially Fall- yay!). I couldn’t recommend these waffles more! They are absolutely phenomenal. (The recipe is grain free!!) Check out the recipe here >>>>>> Carrot Cake Waffle Recipe

Carrot Cake Pancakes

I don’t have a waffle maker so I made pancakes instead.

carrot cake pancakes

This picture is weird, they look burned, but they weren’t.

Post church and breakfast, I did a couple of housework things on my to-list then Mark and I headed over to GO Headquarters for a quick workout. I didn’t have time to program a workout so we did a Crossfit WOD named Helen. Helen is mean…and painful. Don’t be fooled by the short amount of moves in the workout.

Helen WOD, post carrot cake waffles

Mark and I chose to row 400 meters instead of run. I went at about a 90% effort and it took me just under 15 minutes for me to finish. It’s incredible that I was that sweaty, winded and worn out after only 15 minutes. It was a great reminder to myself that workouts don’t have to be long in order to be effective.

The rest of my Sunday was spent doing laundry, food prep, cleaning, email, and eating.

TODAY, though, is really exciting because you can listen to me and my friend and the owner & operator of GO Personal Training/GO HQ, Brandon, on St. Augustine local station 102.3 FM at 3pm on Look Who’s Talking With Susan Johnson. We’ll answer questions and talk food and fitness. Ch-ch-check it out!



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