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Food, Concealer, and Being in My Groove

November 12, 2013

Consider yourself warned…today’s post is going to be all over the place…

I was in an eating mood yesterday. I was in an eating mood because I had the day off. (This makes perfect sense, right?!)

I was at home all day catching up on blog work, emails, housework, and Precision Nutrition studying, so the snacks were just too available. I ate one of my Coconut Flour Muffins, a glass of almond milk, and a container of Coco Cafe for breakfast. Then about 2 hours later, I snacked on some coconut flavored Blue Diamond almonds (my absolute favorite!) then I ate a piece of Godiva chocolate, leftover from my birthday.

plan b meals: muffins



Mark came home for lunch so we chowed on leftover spaghetti squash and Mark’s AMAZING double-meat meat sauce (Grass-fed bison and beef. I would give you the recipe, but it’s in Mark’s head…and it changes a teensy bit every time he makes it. Although, this really was his best batch yet!)

food: spaghetti squash and meat sauce

Then, as I prepped to coach my evening class at the gym, I had another piece of Godiva chocolate (this stuff CAN NOT be kept in the house!) and a sliced tomato (probably the only vegetable that I ever crave!).

Dinner was out of this world, if I do say so myself: Orange Sriracha Chicken. If you like take-out orange chicken (the fried, sweet, goopy Chinese stuff), you would LOVE this. It’s a healthier, baked version, but it’s perfectly orange-y, spicy, and sweet. Mark and I agreed that this recipe is going on the regular meal rotation. Check out the recipe here: Orange Sriracha Chicken. It’s seriously divine.

food: orange sriracha chicken

Moving on from my day of food…

  • I seriously love coaching my Mon/Wed evening group of women. They’re all funny, sweet, and quite the workout rockstars! Shout out to you guys!
  • In other exciting news, I’m going to be part-time at my Young Life job starting January 1 and I’m going to be on a local radio station talk show every other Monday on my friend Susan’s radio show (Mondays from 3-4pm on 102.3 FM, for you local St. Augustine folks!).
  • I found a new concealer that I love:


In an effort to do my part to save a bit of money, I decided to try something a little different from my normal $30 stuff. This Covergirl concealer, though, is great! Thick, but smooth and I’m in love with this color. Not too yellow or brown or green. The color is called “Neautralizer” and I got it at CVS for about $8.

  • I’m finally feeling normal again after a month and a half transition of having a second job. For some reason, until now, I’ve felt out of sync and totally behind on everything (work, chores, planning, etc). Now, I’m back in my groove. Amen.


Amy, out.




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