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Friday Wrap-Up: WellnessFX, 18 on 18, and Turning 89

May 11, 2013

Whoa! It’s already Saturday again?! Yesterday was really busy… so Friday just flew right by me!

My Friday morning started out with getting 2 viles of blood drawn. (Happy Friday to me!) But, I’m really excited about the reason that they were drawn: WellnessFX! WellnessFX is a company that performs extensive biomarker diagnostics in order to give you an accurate health diagnosis. I think this is so cool. Maybe I have a high triglyceride count and don’t even know it? Maybe my TSH (hormone related to the thyroid) levels are out of whack and I don’t even know it? Basically, I just want to get a feel for where my body is really at. That way, if something is “off” I can working on fixing it and improving my overall health.

Friday Friday Friday

For now, Mark and I each agreed to do a “Checkup” so we won’t get as extensive of results as some of the more advanced options that WellnessFX offers, but we do plan to do the “Baseline” test in the next 6 months of so. If you’re interested in checking in on your own biomarkers, you can get a “Checkup” free of charge (I think this is only for a limited time, so if you’re interested, I would do it soon!). Click the blue “Sign up now” button at the bottom of the “What’s Included” tab on their website.

After the lab test (I was in and out in a matter of 10 minutes), I was hungry! (It was a fasted lab test!) I made a beeline to Starbucks for an unsweetened Passion Tea and an egg white/turkey bacon breakfast sandwich. It totally hit the spot.

At work, there was a lot going on so my workday flew by. After work, I got a massage (gifted to me for Christmas from my brother-in-law–Thanks again, Brooks!). Now, for a real “happy Friday to me!” 😀



I was in love with this oil. It smelled SO good!

I had so many knots in my back and hamstrings! My masseuse actually made the comment “You are incredibly tense. Are you ok?” I was curious about what these “muscle knots” really are, here’s what I found:

…a knot in the muscle occurs when a section of the muscle becomes constricted (or compressed). The scientific term for this state is a myofascial trigger point, with myo meaning muscle and fascial referring to the connective tissue surrounding the muscle. Knots can form when some event generates a reaction in which the muscle never relaxes, which leads to a muscle spasm. The spasm creates a sense of chronic tightness—a.k.a. “a knot.” The word spasm might seem to suggest a sudden series of muscle contractions and relaxations—a jumpiness in the muscle—but a spasm can also be a single prolonged involuntary muscle contraction, or abnormal tightness. (source)

Apparently I need to do a much more thorough job of stretching….

Post massage, I headed to the gym…yeah…not the smartest planning on my part! I mentioned a few days ago about the “18 on 18” competition that I’m competing in with GO Personal Training (the training company that hosts my FitCamp classes):


Although the workouts in the competition are basic, I still needed to familiarize myself with them and figure out my weak spots. I spent a little more than hour practicing techniques, finding a rhythm, and basically just pushing through the moves. I’ve got 2 more practice sessions scheduled for myself next week, then it’s GO time!!!

Post gym, I rolled around on the foam roller while I caught up on the most recent Real Housewives of OC episode then I hopped in the shower and headed over to Mark’s grandparent’s house for his grandfather’s 89th birthday celebration! His grandfather, Grandaddy, is doing incredible at 89 years old! He works out, attends many, many social events, goes into the office everyday to check in and see everyone, hosts huge parties and get-togethers at his house every year and is still sharp as tack. He and Mark’s grandmother, Mom-Mom, are also coming up on their 65th wedding anniversary! They’re incredible people!


Grandaddy is a HUGE Univ. of Georgia Bulldogs fan so it was only fitting that he had a Bulldog cake!


A woman in the office where Mark (and his dad and his grandfather) work makes these INCREDIBLE cakes herself! They’re a work of art!

After the birthday celebration, I was exhausted so Mark and I headed home and went straight to bed. (Mark’s still recovering from his flu-ish sickness, but he’s doing much better!)

Today, we’re headed to Costco, then I’m all set to play in the kitchen! I’ve got some Paleo Not-ella to make along with some pantry staples that we’ve been out of for a while now.

ALSO, I’m going to be practicing my goals in the “What’s Beautiful” competition so watch out for some fun videos and pictures from those attempts later today!

 Have a super Saturday!



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