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How to Get Protein In Your Breakfast Without Eggs

April 3, 2014

**Thanks to my friend Brooke (yay- shoutout!) for giving me the idea for this post!**

Apparently eggs are not as popular as I once thought! After all my preaching to eat eggs and more eggs, a vast majority of people tell me that they can’t stomach the thought of eating eggs, much less, a bunch of them.

As much as I would like to perform a Jedi mind trick on you and make you like them so that you can eat one of the most nutritious natural foods on the flipping’ planet (!!!!), I will restrain myself.

Instead, I will use my powers for good and give you a short list of sweet and savory, non-egg protein-filled breakfasts to get in the habit of eating in the morning (EAT PROTEIN AT EVERY MEAL- ESPECIALLY BREAKFAST!!)

All breakfasts listed in this graphic contain at least 12g of protein if made and eaten in the proper proportions:

breakfast without eggsHere’s the breakfast cookie recipe I like. It can also be used as a post-workout snack: High Protein Healthy Oatmeal Cookies

Also, be careful about the sugar content in your parfait. Use LOW SUGAR granola (or make mine!!), berries and try not to add a bunch of sweeteners (honey, table sugar, etc.). Preventing your blood sugar from spiking will do wonders when it comes to productivity and energy!

And, as one last suggestions– nut butters also contain a quality source of protein and fats. I love to heat some up and swirl it around in a bowl of warm Overnight Oats. Word of caution though: don’t go overboard on your nut butters! Stick to the serving size (usually 2 Tablespoons!). Take it from me, eating a half jar of nut butter does not increase your protein intake, it just increases your pant size. Oops.

Got any other delicious ideas that you use to pack protein into breakfast without eggs? Please share!!

Have a stellar day!





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