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Heads Up

July 30, 2013

Today’s post is short and sweet…but you’ll thank me for it!

Last week at Young Life camp, Mark and I learned about an iPhone game called Heads Up (it costs 99 cents). This is no Candy Crush, Angry Birds, or Cut the Rope though.

The game was developed by Ellen DeGeneres and you can see her often play it on her show.

You need at least yourself and one other person to play. Hold your phone (or iPad) on your forehead while the person you’re playing with gives you clues to help you guess the word that appears on the screen. (For example: large, white animal that only lives in the arctic = polar bear) It’s like charades but better.

The app comes with 18 categories to choose from (including animals, movies, pop stars) and you can buy additional categories for 99 cents each. Some of the categories require you to mime, speak in different accents, or sing the clues.

The funniest part is that once the game begins, your phone or iPad camera automatically records video of the person giving the clues. This is especially funny in the miming and accents and impressions categories. You have the option of directly uploading this video to Facebook or YouTube.

Mark and I recently played about 10 rounds while waiting to be seated at a local restaurant and the time flew by! Here’s the funny video of one round of me giving clues to Mark under the “Animals” category:

You should totally buy Heads Up and play with everyone you know.

If you’re waiting for someone or something, on a long car trip, or just looking for a new game to play when you’re hanging with friends, this is  it! You will laugh the entire time and it is completely friendly with no true competition element.

I love, love, love this game!

Anyone wanna play with me???



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