Highs & Lows

August 2, 2016

Hidey ho, friends!

Man oh man, a lot of time has passed since I last wrote a post. Life is flying by– Hudson is 2 weeks away from being a year old, Mark and I are working up a storm, and we are loving every second of this time in life. We’re truly doing stuff as family and enjoying so many new adventures. Now that Hudson is more aware of the world around him, we  take him to Jaguar scrimmages, to the playground to swing and play, to the park for picnics, to the pool to swim…we’re having a ball!

Lots of great and not-so-great things have happened in the last couple of weeks, so I figured I’d give a recap:

High: Hudson weaned yet another nursing session and I’m no longer pumping before I go to sleep at night! It’s almost weird how little I’m thinking about nursing…

Low: Being super emotional about Hudson weaning. If you’ve never nursed a baby, it’s hard to explain why this is such an emotional thing. I’ve nursed Hudson around the clock for almost a year and him suddenly not needing me (in that way) is really strange. (Yes..I’m happy in general and I am excited that we are almost done nursing, yet it’s still a process for me!) IMG_1807Low: Getting a clogged milk duct. 2 weekends ago was seriously a weekend from hell. I can not even tell you how painful and frustrating this was…no one wants me to go into details, but holy moly. I do not wish this upon anyone! (If you are curious about all that it entails, read more about clogged milk ducts here.)

High: Date night! Mark and I had fun grabbing drinks and dinner at a couple local spots! I love re-connecting and having some time to ourselves!
Date Night!! ❤️ #datenight #wereold #earlybirddinnerHigh: Having access to a gym in our garage. Our friends had a ton of home gym equipment in storage. We offered to house their equipment so that they wouldn’t have to pay for storage any longer. They don’t pay for storage and we have the ability to work out when needed. With me and Mark’s crazy schedules, this has been the biggest blessing. I’ve been working out in the mornings during Hudson’s nap– which is good for everyone in our house (Endorphins put me in a good mood. And everyone knows that when mom is happy, everyone is happy!). IMG_1952High: Hudson now gives “kisses.” The next best thing is when he is able to say “I love you.” For now, though, his kisses are everything to me! 🙂 

IMG_1833Low: The heat! I have so many adventures on the back burner all because it’s too dang hot for Hudson and I to be outside for longer than about 30 minutes. We have a blow up pool that he enjoys playing in…and besides that, we’re sticking to anything air conditioned!IMG_2001High: Being back in my groove. Maybe it’s my hormones (sort-of) leveling out, but besides the emotional rollercoaster related to Hudson weaning and turning a year old, I finally feel normal again. My moods, workouts, eating habits, sleep– they’re all slowly falling back into place as they were B.H. (Before Hudson). I’m finding a normal pattern to my days and weeks and now that Hudson is on a schedule that he hasn’t deviated from in awhile, life is feeling much more on track. I TOTALLY didn’t expect it to take a year for me to get back to this feeling, but hey!- this year has been a learning process in every way!

Productivity, a workout, delicious food, a baby in a good mood, a therapy session, good conversations with the husband, and now some free time while the little naps. Not every day is awesome--but today is! #happyday #productivity #smile #me #amy #metime #momlife #pinchme


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