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HomeRunMeals Review

September 30, 2013


I’m already having Breaking Bad withdrawals. What am I going to do on Sunday nights now???! 😉

Today’s post is somewhat of a follow up of the post I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the Grocery List-Meal Planning Connection.

After writing the post, I received an email from a nice guy named Daniel who is the mastermind behind the site HomeRunMeals. He generously offered to let me try out his services (free of charge) in exchange for feedback about the site.

First, let me say, this site makes it INCREDIBLY easy for you to plan your meals AND develop a grocery list….because that’s the point of the site.

Once going to, you can try the services out for free by clicking the “I just want to try it” option:

homerunmeals page oneThen, this is where the magic happens…

homerunmeals ratingsWhat’s most important to you, saving money and/or time? Eating healthy?

homerunmeals preferencesDon’t eat meat? Don’t eat shellfish? No problem, this menu planner can account for that!

homerunmeals ingredients optionIs there a really great sale going on for green beans at the grocery store this week? HomeRunMeals will  make sure to include them in a couple of your meal plan options!

homerunmeals ingredients to avoidI don’t eat pasta or bread, so I was able to be sure that these weren’t options in my weekly meal plan. I really like this feature.

homerunmeals tonight's meal planWaaaa laaaa! My week’s meal plan is created! Here’s what was suggested for my dinner tonight! It sounds DELICIOUS! It’s also somewhat nutritionally balanced; it’s got some good protein, a vegetable (which I would put some butter on for a fat) and some carbs. Plus, I haven’t eaten rice in a loooooong time, so throw some cranberries and almonds in the mix, and my desire for the dish just went way up!

**Notice that if I wasn’t into my Oven Roasted Broccoli, the site gives me the option to replace the recipe with an alternate through the “Replace Recipe” button.. I found this to be helpful– I try to eliminate too many carbs and starches in my meals, so this tool helped me out a ton!

Other cool things to know:

  • You can submit your own recipes and photos. Once you submit a recipe you can start adding it to your meal plans immediately, and if you mark it public and it is accepted as a public recipe, it will appear in your suggestions.
  • You can uncheck a couple of days each week if you want time to eat leftovers or go out.
  • At the bottom of your meal plan you can see nutritional information for every meal.
  • You can change your preferences any time from your profile.
  • You can add specific items to your meal plan by using the search tool on the right side of the meal planner, or by using the “Add to Meal” link to request a specific suggestion, like a dessert or a vegetable side dish.
  • Unrelated to the meal planner, but sort of fun when you are dreaming up recipes for the next week: Dinner Genie

homerunmeals dinner genieAlso, I’m a huge fan of coupons! HomeRunMeals has a direct link to coupons on the left-hand side of the site. Seriously, it couldn’t be any easier, people!

With the paid subscription, you get the shopping list maker. The site simply compiles the recipes from your meal plan and organizes the ingredients in 1 clear, concise list. I love it!

Here’s a sample of mine from my meal plan last week:

homerunmeals grocery list

As I mentioned above, you can begin using Home Run Meals for free.

Your free trial includes two personalized weekly meal plans. After your trial, you may choose between these two plans:

  1. Paid Plan: A balanced meal plan specifically created for you, based on your preferences and the recipes you’ve enjoyed, with the option to customize it. This time-saving plan costs only $2.30/week (purchased monthly) or $1.92/week (purchased annually).
  2. Free Plan: You retain full access to the meal planner, but instead of having meal plans suggested for you, you build them yourself by adding recipes with our easy search tool, or by entering your own favorite recipes. You do not have access to the shopping list creator.

The paid plans are the best value and will save you time and money. If they don’t, let HomeRunMeals know in the first 30 days for a full refund.

Go check out the site! It’s helpful for ideas and new recipes AND it saves a boatload of time and money! >>>




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