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Honesty & Grace: The Keys to Success and Happiness

September 23, 2014

Life is hard. Change is hard. Eating vegetables is hard. Working out when you’re dog-tired from a long day is hard.

BUT, being honest about your shortcomings and not beating yourself about them is the key to being successful in anything and keeping your sanity.


When you lay in bed at night thinking about your day and/or your life, are you really being honest with yourself? Do you block out those mini cookies you ate out of the snack drawer at work? Or do you figure that because you took the stairs to your office, the calories in the cookies from the snack drawer are null and void? Are you scared to go to a gym because everyone is fitter/skinnier/stronger/prettier/cooler than you? Are you spending beyond your means and finding a way to justify it?


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The deal is, we all do this. For whatever reason, we’re programmed to make ourselves feel better about our shortcomings by manipulating reality. BUT, being aware that we’re doing this is half the battle.

When it comes to food, does it help you face reality by keeping an honest food journal? Does having a more in-shape, dedicated workout partner help hold you accountable to your fitness? Does having a counselor or a mentor to point out little things that you’re so used to doing that you don’t even notice them anymore help get your life on track??

We all have our stuff. Taking a step back in life, facing the fact that we need to change and putting a plan in action to make that change is what sets successful people apart from folks who spiral downward into an overweight, unhealthy, sometimes messy life.



This is a really tough one for me, personally. As an adult, I have always held myself to such a standard of perfection that falling short has been seen as total failure in my eyes. HOWEVER, at almost 28 years old, I’ve finally come to grips with the way that I’m always down for the most unhealthy, fat and sugar-laden homemade chocolate chip cookie over broccoli. It’s just who I am! 🙂


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 When I speak about grace in this context, I basically mean not beating yourself up or keeping score for mess ups every now and then. Sometimes a slice of your mom’s homemade apple pie just needs to be eaten. Sometimes you need a nap and instead of a workout. Sometimes dinner plans with your wife’s boss need to be cancelled because staying home and watching Netflix with your kids sounds so much more enjoyable. I believe all of this is A-OK. 

As long as your grace does not become a slippery slope of pardoning every food/fitness/life sin, you’re good. Tomorrow’s a new day, a new time to work on healthier eating and fitness habits, and a new start to breaking bad habits. Don’t beat yourself up for the little stuff, keep your eye on your goal, work hard, but enjoy life without guilt along the way.

(I do not support giving yourself grace in questionable moral issues– if, in your quest for honesty with yourself, you realize you’re cheating, stealing, or hurting people,  you need to take responsibility and fix it. Pronto.)


 Much love you to you. Happy Tuesday! 🙂




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