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How I Lost the Baby Weight…

January 7, 2016

There are few things in this world that I love more than Hudson, Mellow Mushroom pizza, and watching movies in my PJs while snuggling with Mark. Unfortunately, the latter 2 do not happen as often as I’d like…which is how I lost the baby weight. 

Actually…that’s kind of true…

I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight and even a teensier bit smaller than my pre-pregnancy size, yet I never set any type of post-baby weight-loss goals or followed any type of plan in regards to losing post-pregnancy weight. While nursing helps burn extra calories every day, I knew very early on that solely relying on breastfeeding would never be a reliable way for me to return to my original size. Plus, I value strength and muscle tone far more than I value being thin!

For the first time, pretty much ever, I’ve simply been eating extra healthy (mostly because I’m breastfeeding and want our little guy to get the best of the best milk!) and working out to feel good. I feel energized and my head is a tad bit clearer every time I complete a tough workout– and I’ll take as much energy and clear headed-ness as I can get!

I think I knew being a mom would be tiring, but I don’t think I realized that by the end of the day, I would have given so much of my physical and mental self that I wouldn’t have the ability to think anymore, much less make decisions. Because of this, I’ve streamlined everything. I also give myself a lot of grace and do the best that I can every day. Some days I just need some chocolate and some days I need a nice run in the sun to calm my always-racing mind.

In the past (almost) 5 months, this has what has worked to keep my body and brain in check:

  • I do something physical every day. That might mean attending Fit Camp, that might mean going for a run, that might mean doing squats and lunges while holding Hudson (which I do almost every day! He’s just over 17 lbs so a round or two of 25 squats and 50 lunges add up very quickly!). I refuse to let myself get complacent with working out. Mostly because, I know myself very well and as soon as I let myself go a few days without doing anything physical, a few days turns into a week, turns into a month…you get the idea.

Mark and I did a driveway workout during his lunch break last week. It was so hard and so great.


  • I plan for and SCHEDULE my meals. Something no one told me prior to being a mom was that you will sometimes either a) forget to eat or b) be so busy that there’s no time to eat. Because my milk supply and overall energy were suffering from my lack of eating, I made sure to fix the problem!  Pre-planning all 3 of my meals and grocery shopping accordingly ensures that I have things on hand that support my healthy eating. This is a screenshot of dinner plans from my actual calendar last week. Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 9.52.11 PMI always plan dinners and then eat leftovers from each meal for lunch. My breakfasts are usually green protein smoothies, crockpot oatmeal, or eggs. I schedule all of these things in my calendar. That way there are no decisions to make and no thinking involved. I also make MUCH better food choices and tend to snack less when planning takes place.

Here are some of my go-to sources for recipes and meal planning: Pioneer Woman, Against All Grain, Primal Palate

I also strive to eat at least a serving of vegetables at every meal. I LOVE raw vegetables so huge salads, loaded with every seasonal veggie you can think of, are my go-to. As weird as it sounds, I love eating oatmeal and a salad at breakfast.

I’m also a huge fan of sautéing broccoli or green beans in some bacon fat.

I snack often and my daily go-to is dipping celery and carrots in almond butter. 

  • I remind myself, daily, that a bump in the road doesn’t mean I have to give up on my system entirely. I’m  a creature of habit and I love routines and schedules, so when things get thrown off, which they do often, I’ve been trying to take a deep breath and roll with the punches. Some days, I plan to go on a nice, long afternoon run, then it starts raining 2.5 minutes before I’m heading out the door. Some days, I plan a well-balanced meal that I’m really looking forward to, and, as I’m prepping it, I find that Mark ate the chicken for lunch that I had planned to use for dinner. The pre-baby me would have flown into a panic, now I just try to come up with a solution and go on with life: I keep a folder FULL of at-home workouts ready for the using so that when my outdoor fitness plans are foiled, I always have an indoor option! I have made a few meat-less meals lately that not only went over really well, but they saved us a bunch of money.  Moral of the story: be flexible! Have a backup plan and be ok with it! 🙂

This sweet guy was not feeling the kettle bell workout that I was attempting to do immediately prior to this picture being taken. So, we read a story to calm down, then proceeded to do shoulder presses and Russian Twists (with Hudson as my weight). The workout ended with lots of giggles, a very happy baby, and a sweaty mama…win-win-win!IMG_9226

Seriously, that’s it.

Keep it simple, folks!

I move, I eat balanced meals with  lots of vegetables, and I’ve learned to be ok if things don’t always go perfectly (I have plenty of other stressors…so I’ve decided that flipping out over things I can’t control is a total waste of my energy.).

Big hugs and lots of love!



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