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How to Get a Homemade Glow for About $1 per day

February 23, 2015

Hello, hello!

I’ve always been aware of natural products and tried to use the most minimal chemicals both in and on my body.

Skincare, though, is one of the hardest departments to find totally clean products without it costing $892.

I wrote a post a while back regarding my skincare, and while not much has changed, but I do have some new additions.

Because we’re saving money to buy pretty things to put in our new house and so that we can buy diapers for the new baby, I can’t break the bank with face wash and body butter and magical potions..

Here’s my incredibly easy every day routine to ensure I am clean, moisturized and glowing (not sure what happened and why I’m in a cropped box and somewhat overexposed…I can’t figure out what went wrong??!):


Links to the exact products I use:

Brown Sugar: $4.89

Olive Oil: $24.91 <<<this is the exact container of olive oil we buy at Costco. It will last you forever!

Honey: $12.70 <<<this is a large container of honey that will also last you a while!

Toner: $8.99

Coconut Oil: $17.58 <<<this is twice the size of the jar I used in the video!

Gelatin: $18.99

Total Cost: $88.06 <<<even if you used every product listed above everyday, I think it’s safe to assume that you could last at least 2.5 months before needing to reorder. That mean’s you’re spending $35/month for ultra clean (no toxins!!) skincare and your skin will probably be less prone to breakouts and better moisturized than it’s ever been before. Win-win!

And…. because I get asked, almost daily, for meal plans, here’s what Mark and I will be eating this week:

Snacks/Lunches: Homemade granola, all the oranges, all the cheese, all the apples and almond butter,  veggie wraps, Caprese salad, raw carrots and celery dipped in hummus

Monday: Primal Shepherd’s Pie

Tuesday: Hawaiian Chicken Skewers, salad

Wednesday: Paleo Bacon Meatloaf, salad

Thursday: Tortilla Soup

Friday: Homemade fish sticks, steamed broccoli




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