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I’m Just Rambling A Bit…

February 19, 2015

Man, apples and almond butter have been my jam lately. I do a light dusting of cinnamon on the apples and dip away. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know about nutrition. If I didn’t, I would probably eat 4 apples and a cup of almond butter every day. Unfortunately though, I know that is totally unreasonable and unnecessary, so I stick to my apple a day and probably more like 3 and 1/2 tablespoons of almond butter if you count the half a spoonful I eat out of the jar and the extra big glop that I tell myself is 2 tablespoons.

This is my breakfast almost every day (The bowl with the almond butter is a little misleading…it’s not very deep so it looks like a lot more than it really is):

FullSizeRender 2

I still haven’t gotten around to making the blondies that I was craving in my last post. My sweet tooth has grown a little stronger over the last couple of days, and with it being so dang cold these days, my homemade banana ice-cream just isn’t doing it for me. Blondies or bust (tomorrow!)

Unrelated….I’ve had to completely stop doing sit-ups and anything close to sit-ups at the gym. I’m pretty bummed about that because core work is also my jam. I love feeling a good ab burn and challenging myself to do tougher and tougher core moves.


So far, handstands and sit-ups are no-no’s. I know more restrictions and modifications are in my near future, my competitive self can’t help but be a little bummed about this though.

Speaking of giving up things…for now, I’m not Paleo at all. This whole pregnancy thing really threw me for a loop and for a while there, all I could eat were carbs. Not that carbs aren’t Paleo, but the carbs I was eating were definitely not.  I had intense cravings for real-crust pizza, Chik-Fil-A chicken biscuits, chips and guacamole, all the cheese, yogurt, and quesadillas. Since these were the only things I could remotely think about eating, I went with it, with not much guilt. Now I’m back to eating veggies and meats, but I’m still eating wraps and other not-Paleo-at-all things. The weird part is that I feel great. I thought I would surely feel sluggish and just plain gross– and I don’t. 

…and last thing thing on my mind….

Selling a place you live in is not fun. We currently live in and rent an awesome condo/townhome-type place that is owned by Mark’s dad. Since we are about to move into the house we’ve been building, Mark’s dad has decided to sell our place.

Between having to leave my house spotless before I head out the door at 5:30 in the morning for work, strangers in our house almost every day opening our closets, glancing through our cabinets, flinging open all of our window shades (because apparently those things make or break whether you would want to buy a place?!), and people coming to do maintenance (and those type of things)– my hormonal, pregnant, need-a-little-down-time-and-privacy-self is going nuts. 

Sooo…I’m ready to have a home again. One where I can take a power nap, not stress over whether everything is dusted, vacuumed and scrubbed every morning, take work phone calls in private, and not worry about what or who I’m going to come home to. 

(Ha! I can’t wait to do this again…)


Ok. That’s it. I’m off to run errands, try not to freeze (Wow! It’s this cold in February in Florida?!!!), and coach some wonderful people.

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