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Lately I’ve been…

November 5, 2014

Mostly thanks to Lindsay and because I’m avoiding folding a huge mound of laundry…I’m filling in this blog quiz. Yippee…

Lately I’ve been…

Making….big messes in the kitchen. But I’m usually the one obsessively cleaning it (although Mark pulled the oven out from the wall and cleaned under and between it and the counter yesterday #husbandwin!) so it’s no big deal.

Cooking….coconut rice and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and Chile Lime Chicken. (It has been a marathon cooking day!)

Drinking….water with lemon, some coffee, and Live Soda

Reading….Beyond Training by Ben Greenfield <—I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone looking to improve their fitness

Wanting….to sleep in past 5am. I’m drained.

Looking….forward to my birthday this weekend and our anniversary next weekend. We have lots of fun stuff planned!

Playing….with my cute little guinea pig is the best. I also like napping with him.

photo 1

Wasting….time on this quiz thingy. But whatevs.

Sewing….nothing. I sew buttons, that’s about all.

Wishing….that I had more time to devote to finishing my new website!

Enjoying….the schedule that my training job allows me. I get to be both home (in the middle of the day) to do house stuff, run errands, blog, have phone meetings, cook, have lunch with my mom, etc and still make an income to help support our household. I feel incredibly fulfilled! 🙂

Waiting….for our house to be built is so hard. I am so excited to see the finished product!!!!!!

Liking….this cool spurt of weather that allows me to turn the AC off and keep the windows open

Wondering….why so many people are just plain rude for no reason

Loving….the genuine and somewhat tough conversations I’ve had with some of my clients lately

Hoping….my car is not breaking down. Ugh…it’s doing this thing where the engine randomly does not come on

Marveling….at how we’ve flown through 5 years of marriage. By no means has it been effortless and easy, but we really do have fun and enjoy each other

photo 1smile

Needing….a big hug and a bubble bath. And a massage would be nice too.

Wearing….my standard uniform. Black lulu leggings, a tank and sports bra

Following….every interior designer on Pinterest. I change my mind on the “look” I want for our house about every day

Noticing….that I need to get a mani/pedi more often

Knowing….that tonight’s workout is going to be hard, makes me want to take a nap instead of do this survey thing

Thinking….that I’m incredibly grateful for the time of life I’m in. I’m so happy and loving every minute!

Feeling…sleepy, happy, grateful, excited, anxious, fulfilled

Bookmarking….this sweater…in every color, please

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 3.45.44 PM

Opening….all the emails and chocolate chips bags.

Giggling….at this card:




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