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Leftover Cinco De Mayo Fritatta

May 6, 2016

There are only a handful of things that I truly hate in this world. Confrontation would probably top the list, but a close second is wasting food.

Since I’ve been in a major Mexican food mood all week AND yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, I had a handful of leftover ingredients and unused produce that I didn’t want to go to waste. So, I came up with this incredibly easy, delicious breakfast (or any other time of day!) idea:

Mexican Frittata:

I cubed 2 raw chicken breasts and threw the pieces into a cast-iron pan to let it sizzle around in some duck fat for about 10 minutes. IMG_0661I also had some leftover bell peppers and onions, so I chopped them up as well and threw them into the pan of chicken.IMG_0662Then, I sprinkled a teaspoon of each: salt, pepper, cumin, red pepper and then a teensy, tiny pinch of cayenne pepper on top. FullSizeRender-1Once the chicken and vegetables were all sizzle-y, I poured 8 whisked eggs on top and let the eggs cook for about 3 minutes. Once the edges began to cook, I popped the whole pan into a 350 degree oven for 15 minutes and wa-la! FullSizeRenderI had an extra bag of Guacamole Food Should Taste Good Chips leftover (they’re my favorite tortilla chips!!), and leftover guacamole & salsa, so I piled them all onto my frittata. FullSizeRender-2I make this type of egg dish on almost a weekly basis. It’s the EASIEST way to use leftover anything. Mark and I eat these frittatas for a quick but protein-filled breakfast, a pre-workout snack, and sometimes even for dinner.

Plus– any excuse to add tortilla chips to anything and I’m all in! (Food Should Taste Good tortilla chips come in an incredible variety of flavors, are gluten free, non- GMO, and Kosher! Besides the fact that I LOVE all the flavors, those reasons make me love them even more!)



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